Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing the Bell

(When a rock climber reaches the top of the wall)
I am so happy with where I am at now; I wouldn't have my life going any other way. I am so happy to say that I have done all that I could, learned what I feel I was supposed to, and followed God's plan in fulfilling His will. I am so happy for all the lives that I have been able to help find more happiness. 
These past two years have been amazing, and I wouldn't have traded them for anything. Although my service as a full-time missionary is coming to a close, my mission is not over. I may not wear Christ's name every day on a little black tag, but I committed to wear it on my heart, daily, and that's what my mission has helped me to learn to do. My mission is not over, just a mission is coming to an end, but the next chapter of my life's mission will begin this next week, and I am confident in saying that I am prepared and ready to do my best!
In thinking of what golden truths I've learned on my mission, I could write forever about all the miracles I have seen, and all the ways I have seen the Atonement change my life and the lives of so many other people I have worked with; but, I think most of all, the total encompassing of all my mission experiences has become the golden truth that will shape who I am forever.
I loved my mission, and I will miss it, but I am excited - and more prepared than ever - to start writing the next chapter of my life, and helping to write the next chapter to the greatest story ever told.
Sprinting through the finish, I will return tired; and through a telescope lens, I'll see you soon.
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

Things have been AWESOME here lately.  The Lord truly has blessed us with so much work
and so much success.  The last week Bill and Loretta decided to move their marriage date up to January so that they can be baptized on February 9th; then they came to church this last week (shown here) for the first time (and Loretta's sister, Sally, came too) and they loved it!

Also, Derek just soaked up the whole message of the Plan of Salvation and he committed to preparing for baptism on March 16th!  It has just been such a sweet week; we hit 3 of our standards, taught 15 lessons, and we were just moving quick every minute - I loved it!

So ya, things are going great here.

Love, Elder Carr

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dec 17, 2012

Well, this last week sure has been interesting. We had a BLAST at the Trainer's/New Missionaries' meeting in Manchester, and we learned tons. I've really been able to see what kind of an influence I can have for good with other missionaries since so many of them now recognize me as one of the oldest dozen in the mission, so in a sense it's nerve-racking to feel like so many people are watching me, but I love it because I am just so FULL of energy and enthusiasm about this work that it rubs off on people, and helps them to do the same. I have also had several experiences with other missionaries where I was able to share something I learned from my mission that helped them.  I just love the opportunity I get to serve - and in such a variety of ways!
Elder Keller and I have really been progressing well together, we are constantly working on improving together and seeking counsel from one another. Our teaching has been excellent, my only problem with it is that I always have to hold myself back or else I'll hog the whole thing! haha, I just love teaching so much!
We had a neat experience this week where Elder Keller had been having a rough morning, and at the beginning of our weekly planning session, he asked me to give him a blessing. I feel like I had underestimated the power and the privilege that lays within those opportunities, but I learned quickly of why we have that opportunity and how essential it is that we are worthy of it - especially when we are asked to use it in a moment's notice. I am grateful for that unifying experience and for the privelege I have to hold the Priesthood authority from God.
Massive Southern wings party @ Parkers
Well, it definitely does look like it's going to be a white Christmas afterall! we had about 6 inches drop last night, and it will continue on through tomorrow - and I LOVE IT!!! haha. I think it is so beautiful, and it provides such a great opportunity to serve and to really get us all in the spirit of the Christmas season! I'm also hoping my cheerful enthusiasm towards this winter will melt it all away! - or at least just bring smiles to others' faces as they experience the light of Christ :)
From Maine with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sprinting to the Finish Line

As for the families we found last week -- unfortunately one of them had a death in the family and wanted the week alone, but wants us back this next week.   The other family had been hard to get hold of : (   so that has been tough, but luckily we aren't getting down about it.
 I would definitely say that I am much more cheerful and outgoing than when I came out. I felt like I did great as a new missionary, and I progressed a lot, and at times I fell, but picked myself back up. My last area brought some of the most difficult discouraging feelings that really sapped the energy right out of me, but being in Lewiston-Auburn as my last area, with my last great run, with a great young missionary, has really helped me in my quest to sprint-to-the-finish to return tired. I really have hit my peak, and pushed beyond it, with my teaching, contacting, and just about everything; I've never had so much energy before to do all the things we are trained to do - even the little things. One of the things I feel I struggle with is being constantly focused on fulfilling my purpose of bringing others closer to Jesus Christ, but I recognized something that I do which is quite similar; I've found myself praying for the ability to bring more cheer and happiness to every person I see, and then I go about doing just that - hoping to bring a smile to everyones' face as they feel the light of Christ.
I've thought a lot about why I am here for my last transfer -- I mean, it's only a one-transfer area, and one transfer really isn't enough time to be able to get any large projects running, or to see such a huge change/progress in a teaching pool.  I have come to believe that in most cases, the inspiration for a transfer is not nearly as much of a matter as "where" but "with whom."  I have found this last week that my #1 calling that comes first above all other priorities is to help Elder Keller be the very best missionary possible - thereby helping him to be a better instrument in the Lord's hands in His great work; I have only have 4 weeks to do my best, and I am absolutely committed to that.
Luckily he is already such a great missionary, and together we are about to be the means whereby the Lord has brought to pass some sweet miracles. And it is our hopes to continually bring every brother and sister we see unto Christ, especially during this month, because He truly is the Reason for the Season!
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr
p.s. we've been sharing with everyone, and we are encouraging people to share it on facebook, twitter, etc. - so be a modern missionary and post it to the world! : )

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Back to Maine for a Month

Well, I am now in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, and my new companion is Elder Keller! He is from Corona, CA and we click so well! We also have a great connection because I am his follow-up trainer, and his trainer was Elder Busby - who I trained last year! We are serving in the Auburn Ward.
This last week has been AMAZING! Elder Keller and I have seen some great miracles in the work! In short, we had a lesson fall through on Wed., but as we walked out the door, I said hi to a lady who's name was Michelle and we got into a conversation that led to her sharing some spiritual experiences with us. She then told us to stop-by sometime, and as we did so the next day, we found her exhusband, Dana (who is still her best friend), there, and we were able to teach them both our unique message of the Restoration. It went so well and they are both committed to meeting with us again this week! Then, also on Wed., we got a call from a member saying he has spoken to one of his patients in the hospital about how to restored gospel can bless his troubled life, and he wanted a visit from us! So we called, set up an appointment for Friday, and when we arrived that afternoon we found his fiance' and her sister were both interested in learning as well. We had another excellent restoration lesson and they all accepted our invitation to be baptized - and they are looking forward to setting a date for their baptisms during their next lesson this week! Oh and at the end of the lesson, we asked if they had any more questions, and he asked, "How can I learn more and investigate more deeply into this?" I couldn't think of a better question than that! And to top it off, we assured that they will have more questions, but that their primary sources should be and us; later that night she called with a concern about our doctrine and we were able to clarify and reassure her of the truthfulness of our doctrine and faith, and this helped her gain so much more trust in us and faith in what we teach! : )
Noyes Fam - Converts
So it was just an amazing week, and Elder Keller and I have been teaching in such great unity - it really brings so much power into our lessons! I very much so admire Elder Keller for his willingness and desire to learn - not just from me as his trainer, but in every instance possible. He is a hardworking missionary that truly desires to do his best, and I am already seeing his potential coming forward and helping strengthen and sharpen his skills as a missionary. :)
I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have to serve, and finish my mission, with him and in this area. I know that this is exactly what I needed to be the best missionary I possibly could be - to finish out strong with a sprint. I have been blessed this this great opportunity, and with so much energy towards it, that it has truly been such a testimony builder to me in helping me to see how well the Lord really does know me.
I am happy to be serving here, happy to be serving with Elder Keller, and so happy to have one more transfer to help as many people as possible to find the same happiness I have everyday :)
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Briss Experience Nov 2012

These are the pics from a Jewish Briss that we were invited to. The mother of the baby is a member (return missionary, too) and the father is a very liberal, "unorthodox" Jew. Very sweet couple and they wanted us to be a part of this special...ceremonial circumcision. ya it was interesting, and they'll have him blessed in our sacrament meeting in a few weeks...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thank You

     I know this is a day late, but we had a Zone Conference yesterday that took all day, so our p-day was moved to today (Tuesday) : ) speaking of the Zone Conference - it was awesome! It was held in South Royalton, VT in the chapel at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial, and Elder Marcus B. Nash of the Seventy (he spoke in the last session of the last Gen. Conf.) and his wife came to tour our mission. It was a great day of learning and we spent a lot of time working with Elder Nash on solving/overcoming the issues that impede the progress of the work here in our mission - it was sweet! He even held a leadership meeting with us afterwards to learn how to continues teaching the principles we learned and keep them alive in the mission.
    He was tons of help and we all truly appreciated his visit and assistance. As for me, I was blessed with being spontaneously called upon during the opening session of the conference to speak for a few minutes on How to Teach with Power. It was a bit nerve-racking, but I simply drew from the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, my own experience, and anything I felt directed by the Spirit to say. Although I was worried I didn't deliver the best message, the comforting words of a job well done, that came from Elder Nash and President Wilkey, were quite reassuring, and as I realized that this would be my last Zone Conference, I felt pleased that I had done my best to inspire so many missionaries for the last time in such a setting. :)
    Well, last week was quite jumbled up with our Zone Meeting, Zone Leader Council, exchanges with the Assistants, painting our apartment, etc., but it was amazing to feel the strength I received, from all those of you who have included me in your fasting and prayers, carrying me through each day. Each day we were still able to find success and progress with lessons and such. Several times I found myself pondering about how it was even possible, and I felt, and sincerely believe, that I was strengthened by the Spirit according to the prayers and faith of each of you supporting me - and that made last week so special to me.  Thank you, to each of you who have supported me in such ways.
    I am happy to report that we had excellent success, especially in the end of the week with 7 investigators at church! 4 of them were one family that we had been inviting for over a month and a simple stop-by visit the night before with our 1st Counselor made all the difference. And another was one of our new investigators from last week, who had formerly been investigating, and had told us she would not commit to any Sunday because she likes to surprise people, and sure enough we were quite surprised this last week! : ) So it overall was a great week with great work, learning, and success - and it definitely has given me much to be thankful for during this Thanksgiving season : )
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sandy Blows By

Well, hurricane Sandy was nothing for us up north, it hit the southern parts of the mission a bit, but was a big disappointment for the rest, and no, we didn't get any service opportunities from it.
I've had quite a rough week - a lot of ups and downs, and so much time taken away from the real work for other things - we haven't gotten any new investigators and we've only taught 5 lessons all week.   My companion and I have done great for the most part of the week.   I'm just tired, and I don't really have much more to say for this last week. Sorry.
(Editor's note: sitting inside an apartment for days is sometimes necessary but generally not good for missionaries)
Essex Jct, VT After the Rain

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just Do It!

So this has been a fairly crazy week with an interesting exchange, tons of time spent planning and making calls for our Zone Meeting tomorrow (which might be postponed due to the storm), a ward Trunk-or-treat party with a cornbread failure, a big disappointment and embarrassment from finding out during Ward Council that our newest solid investigator is actually a Less-Active Member, and time just flying by so fast that we often prayed to be most effective with the few short minutes we had.
Note from Editor: Map shows Sandy vs Dusty forecasted showdown on Thursday and Friday. She's no match for him!!
It was tough, too, because we have been working so hard and seeing almost no success coming from it, but it wasn't frustrating/discouraging, it was more just puzzling. Unfortunately we didn't even get to teach most of our investigators this week, so our lessons struggled a bit, but we did find that the Ward Council was very supportive of us in working on getting the Oval Chart running - really all the credit for that goes to our amazing Ward Mission Leader, Chris Norcross.
After an entire week of finding no new investigators - and the one we thought we found was actually a member - we were determined to not end that way. With only 45 minutes left on Sunday night (8:15) - during a time we intended on using to further our plans for the Zone Meeting - we decided to go out street contacting. As we got to the city's main intersection, Five Corners, we waited until we knew which way to go to find someone. Then as we decided to take a route that led a loop back to our apartment, we noticed 2 guys across the street. At first I thought to look to the side and avoid the awkwardness of calling out to them across traffic, but then I felt the need to open my mouth, and I told myself "just do it!" After asking if they had spoken with missionaries before, we no sooner found ourselves in a small conversation about their beliefs. Although the visit was brief, we gave them our number on cards and thanked them for a moment of their time, and even though we didn't really get to teach them, it gave us the confidence and energy to then call out to the next lady we saw just before she got into her car. We ended up teaching her for a while all about how the Gospel truly can bless her life. While we taught there were two men that were listening from a nearby upstairs apartment window and they came down to join our conversation. It was so sweet to see how their countenances changed over that half hour discussion which ended with a prayer, and a return appointment to teach her today at 12:00 :) It was such a sweet miracle, too, because she wanted to move back up here, but was just here last night to make that decision and after speaking with us, she really became interested in how the Gospel can truly bring her more happiness. After meeting with us last night, this self-described wild and faithless woman who believed more in science than in God's powers admitted that it was in God's divine plan for us to meet that night.
I am so grateful for the choice we made to go out and not let this last week end with another zero, and I am so grateful that we waited until the prompting of where to go, and then acted and opened our mouths. I find that in every case when I am faced with a decision that has the potential to do good, if I fail to act then I may never know what could have happened, but if I heed the prompting - no matter how small it may seem - I always find God's plans unfold as prayers are answered. I hope the next time you feel a prompting to do something that could yield positive results, that you will say to yourself, "Just Do It!", and then watch as you may be an instrument in the Lord's hands. :)
Note from Editor: As Miguel Cabrera no doubt would advise today, "Just swing!"
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Faith-filled Fresh-start
Well, things have been great here this last week. I'm now serving with Elder Wright, from Howell, Utah. He is awesome! I knew him already from when I was serving as a Zone Leader in Bangor and he was serving as a District Leader in Skowhegan and we got to go on a few exchanges together.
Wash, wax and shine
We've really hit things off on the right foot and got things running. We spent quite a bit of time this week with cleaning/organizing the apartment and all of our records, and we still have plenty of work to do with the records we have. It's been really fun working together and we've not only been enjoying all of it, but we have been working VERY hard on finding every little way in which we can improve in this work - to not just fulfill, but magnify our purpose. We have found so much joy in being obedient, diligent and working with the members - especially when we had several lessons this past week where the members provided perfect fellowship for those we were teaching :)
So things have changed quite a bit again, but in a great way - a smoother way with much more faith and desire towards repenting and doing better every day! We are excited as we have set high goals for ourselves, and we are committed to doing EVERYTHING - even stretching beyond our abilities - to reach them! I have to run for now, but I look forward to sharing with you the miracles that are to come from our inspired new ways of going about this great work!
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 15, 2012

Well, there isn't too much to say for this last week. Still having a difficult time seeing great progress, but we did get a new investigator who expressed a ton of confusion and lack of faith in religion, but a desire to understand truth and come to know her Heavenly Father - everything The Gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer her is EXACTLY what she needs!
Z.L.'s w/Mission Pres
This last Friday we had a rough day - only one lesson, out "finding" all day with no success - but we felt great about it because there were two times where we truly made the correct decision to be diligent and we were blessed for it. The first one was while we were going to our appointment with a gentleman and he wasn't home yet; Elder Weaver mentioned that the man will be home soon so we can just wait, but after inquiring about the past missionary work on his street, I suggested we start tracting. So at 7:00, with no light left, we tracted, and although we didn't really get to teach anyone, we did get to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon with lady who previously was very closed off to the church - and afterwards she began to consider things more openly, and the Spirit was very strong there. Then, our 8:00 appointment fell though, and as we pulled into our parking lot, the posed options were to go walking in the cold and street contacting or going inside and find something to do...immediately I suggested we brave the cold and go find someone to teach. And although nobody talked to us on the street, we walked all the way to a gas station where Elder Weaver went to use the restroom, and the cashier lady started a conversation with me. She had known previous missionaries, and as I later came to find out, she was a former investigator! It was a wonderful contact and we even got a free hot chocolate :) but best of all, we found another one of God's lost sheep that was seeking her way home, and we will get to visit her again soon :). Oh how I love being diligent, it really makes every sacrifice for this work well worthwhile :)

Well, transfer calls were this last Saturday and I survived! - hopefully I'll finish my last two transfers here - Although Elder Weaver will be leaving; so I will be receiving and "training" a new zone Leader starting tomorrow, and I am super excited for it! Can't wait to tell you of all the great miracles that are to come this next week! :)

From New England with love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Weekend of Revelation

Restroom Mirror Image
Well, the work this last week was pretty rough - we only taught 9 lessons, found no new investigators, received no referrals, couldn't make any contact with any of our previous new investigators, and none of our current investigators made any true progress this week. BUT, amidst all this I have still found joy in serving the Lord and laboring diligently :)

How is this, you might ask? Well, first of all we had an AWESOME District & Zone Leader Council Training Meeting last Thursday (tons of learning and fun! - we really learned how to counsel within councils of leaders), and then we got to watch all of GENERAL CONFERENCE! (which is pretty much like Christmas for missionaries). So all of this was great, and made it an exciting and memorable week, but what helped me the most to enjoy this week was that I was able to witness and feel the love and support of those who are truly praying for me and desiring to see the Lord's work progress, and that I once again learned of how, "We determine our happiness." as President Utchdorf has so lovingly taught. Yes, amidst all the struggles and strife (if it could even be called that) this week, I have chosen to remain happy :)
I must say, though, the other best thing that happened to me this week was that I received SO MUCH revelation and inspiration from General Conference. This year, as I prepared for Conference, I not only prayed diligently for what things I wanted to learn and a knowledge of what my Heavenly Father needs me to learn, but I then wrote them down in the form of questions - leaving a space for answers below each one. After each session of conference I took a moment to reflect on my notes and what I had learned and then write answers as I felt them come by the Spirit. By the end of General Conference I found that I had a full page of questions and answers that were revealed during conference - along with 11 pages of notes, quotes and spiritual insights, and a whole gold mine of inspired resolutions for things that will help me now and forever :)
FH Visit to NY
I am so grateful for General Conference and that we have a living Prophet with 12 Apostles today. We are so blessed to receive guidance from those men, and I know that they are truly speaking what God would have us hear. I hope that each of you watched conference and will study the talks again when they come out, but for those of you who did not, I encourage you to ponder this declarative exhortation, and find the same joy I have in receiving revelation: "Come, listen to a prophet's voice, and hear the word of God, And in the way of truth rejoice, and sing for joy a loud...Then heed the workds of truth and light That flow from fountains pure. Yea, keep His law with all thy might Till thine election's sure, Till though shalt hear the holy voice As sure eternal reign, While joy and cheer attend thy choice, As on who shall obtain."
From New England with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Well, this last week was pretty sweet, on Tuesday I was on exchange with Elder Booth who has only been out 6 months now, but really reminds me of myself. He struggles a bit with pride mostly from his great knowledge of the scriptures, but he has an excellent personality that can open up a gospel conversation with seemingly anyone, and his explanation of things really makes this gospel feel like a living gospel - a way of life. I also truly admired his fire and desire towards this work and I can see how great of a potential he has to be a great leader in this great mission! We had an AWESOME day too! We were able to contact a bunch of people, and for once I enjoyed tracting! haha. The best part was when we got to teach a lady who had been struggling with suicidal tendancies and had been meeting with the Jehovah Witnesses for the past two weeks. We taught her about her relationship with God, being that He is her Heavenly Father, and how she can develop a relationship with him. We also helped her to recognize how the Holy Ghost felt as it truly was present in that discussion. By the end, she said her first real prayer, and felt like the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ truly was the answer she had been searching for - She finally felt a connection with her Father in Heaven. It was a sweet moment, and the week just got better from there on out!
This Friday was Lani's Baptism! It went great! There was a great turnout from the ward and a lot of support, plus Brother Edwin Brown (formerly the Elder Brown who taught Lani) came and baptized her and most of her family were there to support her as well! So it was an excellent week as it ended with the first baptism the Essex ward has had in over a year :) hopefully we'll reach our goal of having 2 more by the end of this year! :)
Lastly, we taught a new family on Saturday. Two weeks ago we went to contact a less-active family who actually had a note on the records that said "do not contact", but we felt to do so anyways and ended up meeting a new family that had moved into that home - a lady and her three daughters. We got to teach them this Saturday with Edwin Brown, and we had the sweetest restoration lesson! it was so great, the kids were into it the whole time, and she TOTALLY related to Joseph Smith and accepted our entire message. By the end the kids were so excited and pleading with her, "can we go to church!?!? please!?" haha. Well unfortunately they couldn't make it due to her husband wanting to be sure that he knew exactly what they were getting into (and he wanted to go with them but had work yesterday). So I don't blame him for being a good Dad and making sure his wife and daughters are into righteous things, but we are just really hoping and praying that his heart will be softened and he will be accepting of our unique message and the decision she and their daughters are making. It sure will be a toss up because this next week will be their first week to come to church together, but with it being General Conference weekend, it could give them the wrong impression of our normal services. So we are really hoping and praying that things will work out well this weekend and that we can find the perfect fellowshipper family for them this week :) Hopefully I'll have some more exciting news for you about them and the rest of the great progress next week!
From New England with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Firing On All Cylinders

These past few weeks I had felt quite lost - as though I didn't know who I was anymore - but after a week of "soul searching," I feel like I have found myself again, and oh what a sweet joy it brings :)

There were a number of things that contributed to my difficulties, and I had struggled to understand exactly what those things were. I had spoken to President Wilkey about it, and he related a business analogy to me about having to find a new job, and he committed me to figure out how to fit into my "new job" this past week. Upon much prayer and pondering, I was able to see some significant issues and I discussed them with President Wilkey during our Zone Interviews day this past week. In short, it came down to my "demand" to work at such a fast pace, and be teaching all the time, greatly exceeded the "supply" of people to teach (I think in business terms a lot - they help me, haha). And the problem was that I wasn't used to having so much down time, or having to struggle so much to find people to teach, that I was being heavily negatively affected by it.

After discussing all of this with President Wilkey, I was able to dust myself off, pick myself up, and hit the ground running with a ton of reencouragement and a renewed drive to work my hardest :) I have committed myself to staying busy at all times and not just falling back on the easiest way out of things or allowing myself to get down about the work. Because of this, I have spent much of my free time organizing and planning places to go and people to find - and it has been exciting to go about this work now and to be myself again!

New Hampshire Mission

And the results of all of this are great! Not only have I been much happier, but we got 2 new investigators yesterday whom we taught at a member's home and they were both so pleased with the comfort they felt from learning about the Plan of Salvation that they want to learn more and they are going to start reading the Book of Mormon! Plus, an investigator's planned baptism is still on for this Friday - this week sure is an exciting one!

I'm really grateful for President Wilkey's help this last week, and as he explained to me in the beginning of the week, "you are an 8-cylinder missionary, Elder Carr, but I can see that you are only firing on 3 cylinders right now. Let's see how we can get the other ones firing this week..." I am happy to say that I am once again firing on all cylinders! ;)

From Vermont with love!

Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bangor members recently reactivated
In Vermont
I am in Essex, Vermont, now and my whole world has been turned around - not upside down or turned-over, but rather just that everything here (the culture of people, pace of the work, missionaries, and all the land) is just so different from anything I have been used to. It's really difficult to have to readapt to this big of a change, but I'm working on things. My companion's name is Elder Weaver; he is from West Haven, Utah. This week together has been interesting because he was with his last companion for the last 3 transfers and he has been here as a Zone Leader that whole time, plus he has been in Vermont for 13 of his 18 months so far. I am very different from his last companion and I work quite differently with a different mindset, pace, and plan for this work/people, so that has been pretty tough for us to adjust to and see where to compromise and agree. I'm focusing on being more humble to watching how things work/have worked, and then making sure my offered suggestions do not come across as demands. :)
Ava Weaver and her friend
Our convert's baptism went great!  Everything went smoothly - a member did the ordinance and it was a very sweet service with our ward mission leader's wife playing violin during the waiting period. It was just so great to be a part of this convert's decision to follow Christ through the rest of her life, and to see her start her journey towards eternal blessings with such confidence and enthusiasm. Also, I missed another convert's baptism and confirmation this last weekend due to the move, but I heard it went great and I hope to get pics sometime; it sure is amazing to see that she was able to finally come to know of the truth even so late in life. At 85 years old, she chose to covenant with God and follow Christ; I look forward to the day where she can reach her ultimate goal of being sealed to her deceased husband, and hopefully set an example for her children that will help them desire to do the same.
Ward Msn Ldr Wilkerson Family
Well things here are moving along, I'm still adjusting and just trying to see how/where I fit in here, but I look forward to sharing more miracles with you next week, along with the progress of an investigator who will be baptized September 29th! :)

Elder Dustin Carr

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sept 3, 2012

Heather Woods got baptized last Saturday and it went great - I'll
send pics next week - also I'm being transfered, most likely to Essex, Vermont, still a Zone Leader.  I'll fill you in more next week.


[ some weeks we get more info than others...]
 [Essex is northwest VT, near Lake Champlain]

Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Wishes Come True!

This last week, our Zone Conference was themed "Repentance as a part of Real Growth," and I really learned a lot about Repentance and how its truly an inward turning towards God and his will, and not only limited to the turning away from sin. Another key point that was stressed was "Faith unto Repentance," which really helped me to see how as our understanding of the Atonement increases, and our faith in our agency to choose and change grows, we really can come to the point where we desire to repent, even daily, and it will become delicious to us!

I saw this principle come to life after a lesson went really sour and was saved by Elder Kalahiki-Anthony – with whom I was on exchange. Basically, I had been relying on my own strengths - explaining a principle through logic and reasoning - but that frustrated those we were teaching, and Elder Kalahiki-Anthony was able to explain it by listening to the Spirit and explaining the same principle with the focus on its sacred importance and true meaning. It was amazing to see how well he was led by the Spirit as to what he needed to say, and how well it remedied the situation. I was so inspired by this, and I began a very humbling process. Then, applying all that was learned at Zone Conference, I started to repent everyday of anything in my conduct that was not in accordance with the Lord's will or ways. I have seen that since then, it has helped me to be more humble, charitable, and receptive to the promptings of the Spirit. I have also seen a greater change in the power of my testimony as I seek to listen to, and speak by, the Spirit :) cream and rice krispy sandwich
Well, I turned 21 this last week, and I was concerned that it wasn't going to be so fun with the expectations I have for a birthday with a party and all; so instead, I made a goal to set one baptismal date and find one new investigator! So first off, when we went to go teach Ava, we found that she actually had stopped drinking coffee completely since our last visit, but her date was set for the 1st, and that was 9 days away, and it's required that people are living the Word of Wisdom for at least 2 weeks before baptism, so we taught her about Faith unto Real Repentance and asked her how she felt about her baptismal date and the need to move it back. She contemplated it, and then expressed how happy she was because that would give her more time to show the Lord that she is prepared and dedicated, and so her family can all be there; so we reset her date for Sept. 8 and so technically it was a new date, haha.

Then later we went to stop-by the Smalls whom we didn't get to teach on Thursday due to Zone Conference, and Brother Small gladly accepted us in to teach him and his daughter, Kayla, as usual; except this time his other daughter, Kierra (who previously was against learning about the church), got excited about the lesson we taught and she too wants to learn and come to church now! It was sweet! So all in all, the Lord blessed us to have my birthday wishes come true! and it was the best birthday I could've asked for :)

And to top it all off, Heather Woods is going to be baptized this next Saturday! I'm so excited for her and so blessed to have been able to teach her, witness the changes she has made, see how the gospel has affected her life, and have some part in her conversion process! :)

From New England with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revelation, Real Zone Growth, Promises, and Optimism!
This last week I found out that for several reasons my flight group will be returning home January 5th, which gives me the option of going back to BYU-I for the Winter semester.  Striving to take care of this decision quickly so as to keep me focused on my purpose here and now, I prayerfully sought for the right choice as to whether I should just right into school or stay home and work for a bit first; I got right into the decision-making process and set the goal that I will have my answer by the end of my personal study time.  Sure enough, after being lead through the topical guide under the word 'seek', I found D&C 6:7.
It immediately became clear to me that I needed to first seek wisdom, but wisdom comes from applied knowledge (which is what you get from college) and applied wisdom leads to eternal life, which is where true wealth lies :)  So it became obvious to me of what I should do, and I found that in this case my choice between two good options was solved by revelation from my prayers and scripture study.  :)
I also learned this week of how "a group will rise no higher than its leaders".  These last few weeks, Elder Craig and I have been progressing so well - in our work and our companionship unity – and the Zone's progress correlated; this last week the Bangor Zone hit record highs of 36 Baptismal Dates, 32 people at Sacrament Meeting, 79 Member Lessons, and 38 New Investigators - bringing us to a total of 46 Standards reached! It was SO EXCITING! and even more exciting was how President Wilkey felt about it all.  He left us a special promise that as long as we continue to improve the unity of our companionship, and progress in our work here in Brewer, the Lord will bless the Bangor Zone and it's missionaries to continue forward in reaching our vision, increasing our faith, and bringing more of our Heavenly Father's children back to him.  WE ARE SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS WORK!

Lastly, I saw two different views the other day from leaders in our ward council meeting - the difference was between optimism and pessimism, or faith and doubt, in reference to one our investigator’s
potential to progress.  I realized it is true to while being full of faith we must remember what is reality, but when it comes down to it, I would prefer to go forward with faith, because that's one of the
roots of happiness, and that's what brings Miracles!
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Friday, August 17, 2012

I have seen some change in myself - it's probably more prevalent from others' points of view - and I am happy with it.  I have become more serious in many ways, and sometimes it bugs me to think that I might be losing my humorous side, but really, I think I'm just going through a different phase of change where my humor is turning from light-mindedness to light-heartedness  (something President Wilkey has taught us so much about).  I am grateful for change - it's the only way we grow!  Change requires leaving your comfort zone, but that is the only way that the Comforter can enter in to lift and shape you into who our Heavenly Father wants us to be.  I think my favorite thing about change is how it fits so well into His Plan - if we didn't need to change, we wouldn't be here! but we didn't have a body as God does, so that needed to change; we aren't perfect like Christ, so that also needs to change until we come become like him; and the whole point of the Atonement was so that we could repent, or CHANGE - that through his sacrifice we can break free from the chains that bind us to being a "natural man", we can be refined and tested to become someone who reflects His countenance.
I love all of the things I am learning on my mission too, and I have changed the way I write my journal now too; instead of just keeping a record of the things I did, I am recording all the significant things I learn, the miracles I witness, and now, the changes I notice in myself.  I know that the things I am learning, and the work I am doing now, are a beautiful part of the great plan my Heavenly Father has for me - to someday become someone like Him, worthy to live with Him, and in whom He can see His own countenance.
With love, Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, August 6, 2012

From California to New England

From brown to green, and arid to humid;
From consistency to constant change, and hot to freezing;
From mountains to flat lands, and huge trees to dense forests;
From clear skies to ever-changing rainclouds, and sky blue to the perfect blue;
From bear to moose, and shrimp to lobster;
From ocean to ocean, and West to East;
From California to New England, this is the land of my mission.

From Massachusetts to Maine, and Spanglish to Mainglish;
From 6:30 to 10:30, and meetings to conferences;
From tracting to teaching, and disappointment to success;
From new investigators to baptisms, and proud hearts to humble spirits;
From normal to "what is normal anymore?", and faithless to faithful;
From member frustrations to fellowship success, and hole to whole;
From miracle to miracle, this is the life I experience on my mission.

From believing to knowing, and loving to being sincerely concerned;
From prideful arrogance to loving assertiveness, and dreaming to living;
From loudly obnoxious to dignified fun, and stress to serenity;
From nonchalant to anxiously engaged, and goals set to goals achieved;
From weakness' to strengths, and follower to leader;
From fulfilling to magnifying, and good to better;
From Jan, 2011 – Aug, 2012, this is the missionary I have become on my mission.

As you can see, my mission is special to me; the things I've viewed
and experiences I've had have changed me, and I can joyfully say, I'm
happy with whom I have become, and full of hope to progress continually.

From New England with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, July 30, 2012

Miracle Growth!

We have done so great lately and this last week we would've hit all our standards if only we had 1 more investigator at sacrament meeting :) Plus we hit 22 total lessons - and half of them were with members present! This was super exciting because our new Zone Goal that we came up with is called Miracle Growth - which revolves around having each area hitting their member lessons standard each week by focusing on 'Real Growth', prayerfully seeking for real fellowshippers, and by following Preach My Gospel to "...ensure that members are present at every lesson..." -PMG 216. So needless to say, things have been going great! Also, Elder Craig and I are working so well together and really making a great team - which makes the work a whole ton of fun! We have 3 people preparing for baptism on one day! It's going to be so exciting!

Our biggest desire now is to help people to be truly converted to the gospel and not just to get high numbers - in doing so we hope to see 'Real Growth' and Miracles - which brings MIRACLE GROWTH! :)
Stay tuned for more Miracle Growth next week!

From Maine with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Start of Transfer #14
Well, we had another great week here and nearly hit all four of our standards.  As of now, we have 3 solid baptismal dates.  They have been coming to church for the past few weeks and they love it; they also got to see an 8-year-old's baptism yesterday after church and they got super excited for their own baptisms and have already started planning the services.
We've found a lot of success lately with our member lessons by teaching either part-members, or just seeking to teach those that are really close in relationship to members so they will always be taught
in the member's home.  Also, we had 5 investigators at church yesterday - the most I've had since I've been here - and we think that's due to us teaching more solidly the importance of attending as a preparation for baptism, and by making church attendance more of an expectation and not just an invitation.  Also, we got a new Ward Mission Leader, Brother Wilkerson, and he is on FIRE! He is assertive towards making sure this work is going the way it should and that the ward is working with us and doing their part.  He really understands this work  - he even took most of the time during Ward Council to reteach the leaders how things like the Oval Chart need to run.
So things are really looking up here, and we are expecting to have a few baptisms this next transfer.  I'm excited because of all the new changes and things going on - and because transfers time is a time for
a fresh start :)  I'm also excited because this is the first transfer where nothing has changed amongst the dynamics of our companionship, so transfer planning and Zone Goal preparations and such will run much smoother.
This is the start of Transfer #14, and ever since I got here it's been high adventure, and as President Wilkey has counseled it'll stay that way from here on out - so wish me luck! : )
From Maine with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Week in the Life of Elder Carr

This week was great.  We got a lot of time to work in our area, allowing us to have 25 lessons, 5 new investigators, 10 member lessons (hitting both those standards), and almost reach our baptismal date and sacrament meeting attendance standards!  It was awesome!
I feel that in this last transfer I have changed a lot as a Zone Leader in my focus on other missionaries needs.  I got to go on two exchanges this week and really enjoyed getting to focus on the missionaries I was with in striving to uplift, encourage, and inspire them - as taught in the white handbook.    A lot of it probably came from when we were constantly taking care of the Sister Missionaries in the hospital and it really taught me some things.  Since then I've focused so much more on following the leadership goal in the white handbook which "... is not merely to supervise or motivate, but to lift, encourage, inspire, and bless."  It really is a Book of Blessings!
We had a sweet miracle this week with an older lady that is a close friend and neighbor of a good member friend of ours.  She has been taught by the missionaries since a few months before I came, but she would never accept a baptismal date because she was afraid of what her children would think.  She had also been concerned about how she could just "turn her back on her old church" which she has been a member of most of her life, but one of the biggest things she desires is to be sealed to her beloved husband who passed away a few years ago, and Christ's true and restored church offers that.  : )
So this last Tuesday, during a lesson with her about prayer, the conversation turned towards her joining the church, and I felt impressed to ask our gentleman friend what he thinks his neighbor still needs to do to know this church is true and decide to be baptized.  His answer was, "She already knows it's true! She's just nervous about what would happen.  So she just needs to make the choice and go into it with faith!"  We then asked her if that was correct and she replied, "He knows me too well."  She asked us a few more questions and then made the decision to be baptized and to pray about a date.  She then said the closing prayer - telling Heavenly Father that she has made her decision and she is ready.  On our next visit, she explained that she wants to be baptized as soon as possible, so we set her date for Aug. 11th. : )  She also has the goal of making sure that she can go to the temple in a year so that she can be sealed to her husband for time and all eternity on their anniversary date.
This was quite an amazing experience and it was incredible to see how much the Spirit directed those lessons and her decision, because without it, none of that would've happened.  : )
From Maine with Love, Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, July 9, 2012

18-Months, but who's counting?
    I felt like just yesterday I was in Lawrence burning my shirt, and yet this week I found myself in Bangor, Maine burning a pair of pants. Yes, this last week I hit my 18-month mark and time is flying.  It's a pretty neat feeling, though, because before, when I hit a mission milestone, I got scared and worried that time was flying by too fast. But now I am content, because I am working my hardest and I am more committed to this work than ever before - so even if the end is drawing near, I have nothing to fear, because I know that I am a successful missionary.
    This last week I have seen the beautiful blessings of serving to my fullest potential.  I have been blessed to help other missionaries improve their efforts while on exchanges, to train many missionaries
during Zone Interviews, to receive incredible help and strength from President Wilkey's teachings and example, and to have one of the sweetest experiences ever in a lesson during my mission.  I have only
had a few instances on my mission where I have taught a whole family, but never have I had the chance to personally invite them to be baptized together on a specific date; but this last week, as I went to see the Schofield family with Elder Gardner in Belfast, I got that chance.
    After serving them (learning to milk cows) and growing to love them, we had a meal and began our lesson.  It started out with a concern that the mother had about the Restoration, and as we answered her concern, and then testified of the Restoration, I could literally feel the Spirit stronger and stronger in their home.  We had previously decided that we were going to invite them to July 28th, and though the idea seemed a bit far fetched at first, we knew that it was the right moment as the Spirit was strongest.  So at that moment, I invited them all the be baptized by proper Priesthood Authority on July 28th.  Unfortunately they had something going on that day where they might not be able to be in town, but they felt so great about their decision that they went ahead and bumped their date up to July 21st!  It was such a sweet moment as we were able to see the light in their eyes and the confirming witness from the Holy Ghost as we testified of the promised blessings they would receive for their decision and their future goal of being sealed in the temple.
    This experience taught me so much, and it gave me such a greater desire to press forward even stronger in this work and in the goal of finding families to bring back to our Heavenly Father's family.  I
know that sweet moments like this, and many others that I've had this week, do not come by chance, but that they are orchestrated by our Heavenly Father, and as we seek His will - following His plan, and
doing His work - will be blessed to have these experiences that will shape our lives forever.  :)
    From Maine with Love,
    Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, July 2, 2012

You Never Know
     This last week we got to go to Zone Leader Council and then for the next two days of this week we'll have Zone Interviews, so we're busy, and we're getting a lot of time with President Wilkey - and I love it!
     We've also had a really interesting week with a lot of make-it-or-break-it moments -- some for the better, and others not so much. It's been rough to see what's going on with our investigators here, and to see the adversary working so hard on them, but it's been a testimony builder for me to see how those who are really seeking truth, and keeping their commitments to read the Book of Mormon, pray, and go to church, are being blessed to feel the Spirit more and come closer to a knowledge of the truth.
     Personally, I've realized lately how this is my only area so far where I haven't had a baptism, and I've been struggling to remember that success is measured by my commitment to the work and not just the numbers. But just as I got on my email today, I read about some news from Dad that really helped remind me of a basic principle.
     As he recounted to me of something I had done 3 years ago that had just now affected and blessed the life of a young man in my home ward, I realized that the outcome of the service we render doesn't always come at the moment we serve. You just never know what impact you might have on someone, and it may take years for your action to impact them, but you should never let that stop you from following a prompting from the Spirit, or simply doing a kind act, because it can greatly bless their life.
     I will continue to work my hardest even if the results seem non-existent, because I know that this is the Lord's work -- and it is a great and marvelous work that he has caused to happen among God's
children. I will do my best to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength - not being too focused on what is coming from it -- because good may come in the future, and you just never know...
From Maine with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, June 25, 2012

Remember Him

It would be nice to take say that today is p-day and I get to relax -
especially after this last week -- but that's not the case, nor does it need to be.  This week was full of supervising an elder who desired nothing more than to go home, spending a full day driving him to Manchester and coming back with another missionary, visiting Eastern Maine Medical Center nearly every day to give blessings to the sister missionaries and other members fighting illnesses, dealing with investigators who will not make the choices necessary to progress and find more happiness, being dropped, struggling with flaky members, and a whole lot of lessons learned - one in particular that I know I was prepared to learn from last week's trials.  So ya, it's been a good week, and I'm just glad to be doing this work.

I've been so blessed to have the opportunity to give of myself this last week.  Often times I feel like I lack skills and have nothing but a smile, so I give that away as well.  I've found joy in simply
searching to relieve someone else's burden, striving to fulfill my priesthood duty, and seeking revelation as to how I can make someone else's life better than it was before I came in.  Throughout this last week, I have learned many things about the gospel - most especially about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and it has fueled my desire to share His Gospel more.

Last night, after an investigator dropped us, with my heart in despire I allowed doubtful feelings to enter in.  Amidst my frustrations and questions, I asked, "Why is this so difficult?  why is it so hard for people to see the truth and grasp it when we put it right in front of their eyes?  If this Gospel really is true, then why doesn't everyone just accept our message and commitments?"  My companion, Elder Craig, simply said, "You wanna know the answer? this is why," and he popped in a cd that had excerpts from talks from President Eyring and Elder Holland.  As I listened, I learned a principle from each one.

I learned that when we are stretched and pulled, fatigued and sore, worn out and simply desire to rest, we must make this rallying cry, "REMEMBER HIM!" and remember our Savior, the One who was stretched beyond comprehension, but never gave in and never rested until his task was finished.  He completed the Atonement, and in order for us to understand the Atonement more fully, we must also go through some form of what He went through for us.  I learned that Salvation is not a cheap experience - there was an infinite price paid for us, to which we are eternally indebted.

So why is this work not easier?  Because neither I, nor my investigators, would deserve the blessings promised - on which you could not place a price tag.  And I'm happy to say that as my understanding of the Atonement has increased, my desire to share The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has increased as well, and I look forward to every short minute I'll have this week to do so.  :)

From Maine with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Power of The Atonement
    Well, this last week has been a bit stressful, but I found great strength and support as I relied on the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and sought revelation through prayer.
    I had been quite stressed out at different times with all the things that we had going on and not enough time to get to it all.  The first week of a transfer is always difficult due to transfer planning and Zone Goal planning and such, but it was also piled on top with training a new Zone Leader.  My new companion is Elder Craig from Middleton, Idaho; I just love this elder, and he and I work well together.  Also, he has an amazing voice, so we've been singing in many of our lessons, and it's really brought the Spirit into every environment we are in -- including our companionship!
    During the first few days of the week, the load of responsibility stressed me out, but then we had two back to back appointments where we taught about the Atonement, and I think it was more for me than anyone else, haha.  As we taught, I felt the need to rely on the Lord more, as I had only been relying on myself and my own strengths.  I had been taking everything upon myself and not allowing Him to lift my burdens.  During each lesson, I shared the scripture Mosiah 14:4, "Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows...", and I testified of an experience I had during the beginning of my mission.
    Around the middle of last summer, while still being trained by Elder Ahumada, I had been going through an intense personal struggle – being too hung up on not understanding the "why" of my trial, and feeling utterly helpless.  As I was venting one evening about my frustrations, my loving trainer listened, and listened, and listened some more; then he gave me his heartfelt and sincere advice.  He tried to put himself in my shoes, but could only go so far, so he led me to understand more of the One who could -- that is, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He gave me a talk to read that referenced Mosiah 14:4, and I learned more at that time of the power of the Atonement and how Christ's sacrifice was not only for our sins, but also so that we may find peace in Him.  That lesson I learned carried me through the rest of that summer, up through now, and has taught me more once again this week; I owe a great debt to my trainer, Elder Ahumada, and I am truly grateful for him taking to time to teach me how to understand and apply the Atonement.
     So a few nights ago, as I reflected on our Savior's sacrifice for us, and prayed for revelation as to how I could cope with my stress and overwhelming responsibilities, I found my answer.  It came by promptings from the Spirit and was centered on my need to focus more on my companion.  I have followed the counsel I received and have witnessed a change in myself, my companionship, and my renewed attitude towards the work.  I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered for US in the Garden of Gethsemane, gave up His life for US upon the cross at Calvary, and conquered death - - arising from His 3-days tomb - all for US.  This He did, "...that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." (Alma 7:12).  And if we will remember Him, rely on His Atoning Sacrifice, and seek help through prayer, our Heavenly Father will answer us and teach us what we should do by the power of the Holy Ghost, and we will find the peace we so desire.
    Looking forward to a great week full of faith, hard work, and miracles : )
From Maine with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Monday, June 11, 2012

iHasta Luego, Triumphant Trio!
We’ll I'm going to be short because we already had tons of stuff to do today, and we've gotten two different calls from investigators needing us to help them (one to track down their dog with them, the other is in the ER and needs a blessing); so it looks like the Lord is chastening us for selfishly caring only for our needs, as we are now being called to serve, haha.
So I'll skip the surprise, cause it wasn't much of one, haha, but I have survived transfers again, and will stay in Brewer, ME.  But there are some other changes - the Triumphant Trio has come to an end; Elder Esplin and Elder Niebergall are being transferred.  It's bittersweet, because I'll miss them, but Elder Esplin is going to be an Assistant, and Elder Niebergall will be a Zone Leader in Augusta, so I'll still see them both at least once a month : )
As for me though, I will remain here and receive a missionary who will be new to being a Zone Leader, so I get to experience the fun, joyous, and stressful moments of training again.  Haha, really though, I'm sure it will be great and I know he will be an excellent missionary, because the Lord has to give me a companion that can shape me up! : P  I'm super excited though because it's a fresh start with a fresh view and outlook of things here for our area and for the Zone, so I look forward to all the new revelation my new companion and I will receive.
Well, our area is rockin' solid right now, and I am glad to say that we have successfully hit each of our 4 Standards of Excellence at least twice during this transfer!  : )  It wasn't easy, but it was an inspired goal, so therefore the Lord provided a way for us to accomplish it.  I have learned through it all that these Standards of Excellence were inspired to reach our vision and increase our faith -- and that is exactly what they have done for me! : )
I'm excited to get to tell you more about how this next week goes with my new companion and all the exciting things we'll learn together!

From Maine with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Week's Learnings

This week has taught me a lot! We held companionship inventories (where we discuss the issues and then offer help/advice and set goals to improve) and we've been able to improve our communication and have the Spirit to guide us more as we are more unified! : )
Investigator gave us new ties!

We've also been in some interesting situations that have really opened my eyes a lot and helped me appreciate the Gospel more; for instance, we've met with a bunch of different kids lately - many our age - who just have nothing going on in their lives and they have no true happiness, plus we went to support one of our less-actives at his wedding, as well as stopping by in downtown Bangor for Open Mic a bar...haha. So it's nothing to be worried about, we've been obedient in all cases and focused on fulfilling our purpose as missionaries, but it sure did show us just how much you miss out on when you aren't a member of Christ's restored church, and especially when you aren't living his commandments! I realized how much I had been taking this Gospel for granted, and now I have a much greater sense of gratitude for it, and a much stronger testimony of the joy that comes from living it!

Lastly, we had some sweet miracles this week and found a total of 7 new investigators! and the best part is that we found a family! We only counted the Mom and Dad, but they have two daughters that are of baptism age as well. It was pretty special because they were very sweet to us, yet when we offered them a Book of Mormon and invited them to learn they kindly tried to deny it, but then I testified of our purpose, and I told them, "We have a unique message for you, and that the most important part of our message is how your family can be together forever," and they gladly accepted our invitation.

The family as an eternal unit has been one of my favorite things to testify of on my mission, and I KNOW that families, when sealed in the temple, can be TOGETHER FOREVER!

From New England with love,

Elder Dustin Carr