Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dec 17, 2012

Well, this last week sure has been interesting. We had a BLAST at the Trainer's/New Missionaries' meeting in Manchester, and we learned tons. I've really been able to see what kind of an influence I can have for good with other missionaries since so many of them now recognize me as one of the oldest dozen in the mission, so in a sense it's nerve-racking to feel like so many people are watching me, but I love it because I am just so FULL of energy and enthusiasm about this work that it rubs off on people, and helps them to do the same. I have also had several experiences with other missionaries where I was able to share something I learned from my mission that helped them.  I just love the opportunity I get to serve - and in such a variety of ways!
Elder Keller and I have really been progressing well together, we are constantly working on improving together and seeking counsel from one another. Our teaching has been excellent, my only problem with it is that I always have to hold myself back or else I'll hog the whole thing! haha, I just love teaching so much!
We had a neat experience this week where Elder Keller had been having a rough morning, and at the beginning of our weekly planning session, he asked me to give him a blessing. I feel like I had underestimated the power and the privilege that lays within those opportunities, but I learned quickly of why we have that opportunity and how essential it is that we are worthy of it - especially when we are asked to use it in a moment's notice. I am grateful for that unifying experience and for the privelege I have to hold the Priesthood authority from God.
Massive Southern wings party @ Parkers
Well, it definitely does look like it's going to be a white Christmas afterall! we had about 6 inches drop last night, and it will continue on through tomorrow - and I LOVE IT!!! haha. I think it is so beautiful, and it provides such a great opportunity to serve and to really get us all in the spirit of the Christmas season! I'm also hoping my cheerful enthusiasm towards this winter will melt it all away! - or at least just bring smiles to others' faces as they experience the light of Christ :)
From Maine with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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