Monday, December 10, 2012

Sprinting to the Finish Line

As for the families we found last week -- unfortunately one of them had a death in the family and wanted the week alone, but wants us back this next week.   The other family had been hard to get hold of : (   so that has been tough, but luckily we aren't getting down about it.
 I would definitely say that I am much more cheerful and outgoing than when I came out. I felt like I did great as a new missionary, and I progressed a lot, and at times I fell, but picked myself back up. My last area brought some of the most difficult discouraging feelings that really sapped the energy right out of me, but being in Lewiston-Auburn as my last area, with my last great run, with a great young missionary, has really helped me in my quest to sprint-to-the-finish to return tired. I really have hit my peak, and pushed beyond it, with my teaching, contacting, and just about everything; I've never had so much energy before to do all the things we are trained to do - even the little things. One of the things I feel I struggle with is being constantly focused on fulfilling my purpose of bringing others closer to Jesus Christ, but I recognized something that I do which is quite similar; I've found myself praying for the ability to bring more cheer and happiness to every person I see, and then I go about doing just that - hoping to bring a smile to everyones' face as they feel the light of Christ.
I've thought a lot about why I am here for my last transfer -- I mean, it's only a one-transfer area, and one transfer really isn't enough time to be able to get any large projects running, or to see such a huge change/progress in a teaching pool.  I have come to believe that in most cases, the inspiration for a transfer is not nearly as much of a matter as "where" but "with whom."  I have found this last week that my #1 calling that comes first above all other priorities is to help Elder Keller be the very best missionary possible - thereby helping him to be a better instrument in the Lord's hands in His great work; I have only have 4 weeks to do my best, and I am absolutely committed to that.
Luckily he is already such a great missionary, and together we are about to be the means whereby the Lord has brought to pass some sweet miracles. And it is our hopes to continually bring every brother and sister we see unto Christ, especially during this month, because He truly is the Reason for the Season!
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr
p.s. we've been sharing with everyone, and we are encouraging people to share it on facebook, twitter, etc. - so be a modern missionary and post it to the world! : )

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  1. Holy crow! You're on your tiptoes and he's still a foot taller! That's one tall dude! :)