Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Back to Maine for a Month

Well, I am now in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, and my new companion is Elder Keller! He is from Corona, CA and we click so well! We also have a great connection because I am his follow-up trainer, and his trainer was Elder Busby - who I trained last year! We are serving in the Auburn Ward.
This last week has been AMAZING! Elder Keller and I have seen some great miracles in the work! In short, we had a lesson fall through on Wed., but as we walked out the door, I said hi to a lady who's name was Michelle and we got into a conversation that led to her sharing some spiritual experiences with us. She then told us to stop-by sometime, and as we did so the next day, we found her exhusband, Dana (who is still her best friend), there, and we were able to teach them both our unique message of the Restoration. It went so well and they are both committed to meeting with us again this week! Then, also on Wed., we got a call from a member saying he has spoken to one of his patients in the hospital about how to restored gospel can bless his troubled life, and he wanted a visit from us! So we called, set up an appointment for Friday, and when we arrived that afternoon we found his fiance' and her sister were both interested in learning as well. We had another excellent restoration lesson and they all accepted our invitation to be baptized - and they are looking forward to setting a date for their baptisms during their next lesson this week! Oh and at the end of the lesson, we asked if they had any more questions, and he asked, "How can I learn more and investigate more deeply into this?" I couldn't think of a better question than that! And to top it off, we assured that they will have more questions, but that their primary sources should be Mormon.org and us; later that night she called with a concern about our doctrine and we were able to clarify and reassure her of the truthfulness of our doctrine and faith, and this helped her gain so much more trust in us and faith in what we teach! : )
Noyes Fam - Converts
So it was just an amazing week, and Elder Keller and I have been teaching in such great unity - it really brings so much power into our lessons! I very much so admire Elder Keller for his willingness and desire to learn - not just from me as his trainer, but in every instance possible. He is a hardworking missionary that truly desires to do his best, and I am already seeing his potential coming forward and helping strengthen and sharpen his skills as a missionary. :)
I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have to serve, and finish my mission, with him and in this area. I know that this is exactly what I needed to be the best missionary I possibly could be - to finish out strong with a sprint. I have been blessed this this great opportunity, and with so much energy towards it, that it has truly been such a testimony builder to me in helping me to see how well the Lord really does know me.
I am happy to be serving here, happy to be serving with Elder Keller, and so happy to have one more transfer to help as many people as possible to find the same happiness I have everyday :)
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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