Thursday, October 25, 2012

Faith-filled Fresh-start
Well, things have been great here this last week. I'm now serving with Elder Wright, from Howell, Utah. He is awesome! I knew him already from when I was serving as a Zone Leader in Bangor and he was serving as a District Leader in Skowhegan and we got to go on a few exchanges together.
Wash, wax and shine
We've really hit things off on the right foot and got things running. We spent quite a bit of time this week with cleaning/organizing the apartment and all of our records, and we still have plenty of work to do with the records we have. It's been really fun working together and we've not only been enjoying all of it, but we have been working VERY hard on finding every little way in which we can improve in this work - to not just fulfill, but magnify our purpose. We have found so much joy in being obedient, diligent and working with the members - especially when we had several lessons this past week where the members provided perfect fellowship for those we were teaching :)
So things have changed quite a bit again, but in a great way - a smoother way with much more faith and desire towards repenting and doing better every day! We are excited as we have set high goals for ourselves, and we are committed to doing EVERYTHING - even stretching beyond our abilities - to reach them! I have to run for now, but I look forward to sharing with you the miracles that are to come from our inspired new ways of going about this great work!
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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