Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 15, 2012

Well, there isn't too much to say for this last week. Still having a difficult time seeing great progress, but we did get a new investigator who expressed a ton of confusion and lack of faith in religion, but a desire to understand truth and come to know her Heavenly Father - everything The Gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer her is EXACTLY what she needs!
Z.L.'s w/Mission Pres
This last Friday we had a rough day - only one lesson, out "finding" all day with no success - but we felt great about it because there were two times where we truly made the correct decision to be diligent and we were blessed for it. The first one was while we were going to our appointment with a gentleman and he wasn't home yet; Elder Weaver mentioned that the man will be home soon so we can just wait, but after inquiring about the past missionary work on his street, I suggested we start tracting. So at 7:00, with no light left, we tracted, and although we didn't really get to teach anyone, we did get to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon with lady who previously was very closed off to the church - and afterwards she began to consider things more openly, and the Spirit was very strong there. Then, our 8:00 appointment fell though, and as we pulled into our parking lot, the posed options were to go walking in the cold and street contacting or going inside and find something to do...immediately I suggested we brave the cold and go find someone to teach. And although nobody talked to us on the street, we walked all the way to a gas station where Elder Weaver went to use the restroom, and the cashier lady started a conversation with me. She had known previous missionaries, and as I later came to find out, she was a former investigator! It was a wonderful contact and we even got a free hot chocolate :) but best of all, we found another one of God's lost sheep that was seeking her way home, and we will get to visit her again soon :). Oh how I love being diligent, it really makes every sacrifice for this work well worthwhile :)

Well, transfer calls were this last Saturday and I survived! - hopefully I'll finish my last two transfers here - Although Elder Weaver will be leaving; so I will be receiving and "training" a new zone Leader starting tomorrow, and I am super excited for it! Can't wait to tell you of all the great miracles that are to come this next week! :)

From New England with love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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