Monday, August 6, 2012

From California to New England

From brown to green, and arid to humid;
From consistency to constant change, and hot to freezing;
From mountains to flat lands, and huge trees to dense forests;
From clear skies to ever-changing rainclouds, and sky blue to the perfect blue;
From bear to moose, and shrimp to lobster;
From ocean to ocean, and West to East;
From California to New England, this is the land of my mission.

From Massachusetts to Maine, and Spanglish to Mainglish;
From 6:30 to 10:30, and meetings to conferences;
From tracting to teaching, and disappointment to success;
From new investigators to baptisms, and proud hearts to humble spirits;
From normal to "what is normal anymore?", and faithless to faithful;
From member frustrations to fellowship success, and hole to whole;
From miracle to miracle, this is the life I experience on my mission.

From believing to knowing, and loving to being sincerely concerned;
From prideful arrogance to loving assertiveness, and dreaming to living;
From loudly obnoxious to dignified fun, and stress to serenity;
From nonchalant to anxiously engaged, and goals set to goals achieved;
From weakness' to strengths, and follower to leader;
From fulfilling to magnifying, and good to better;
From Jan, 2011 – Aug, 2012, this is the missionary I have become on my mission.

As you can see, my mission is special to me; the things I've viewed
and experiences I've had have changed me, and I can joyfully say, I'm
happy with whom I have become, and full of hope to progress continually.

From New England with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

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