Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revelation, Real Zone Growth, Promises, and Optimism!
This last week I found out that for several reasons my flight group will be returning home January 5th, which gives me the option of going back to BYU-I for the Winter semester.  Striving to take care of this decision quickly so as to keep me focused on my purpose here and now, I prayerfully sought for the right choice as to whether I should just right into school or stay home and work for a bit first; I got right into the decision-making process and set the goal that I will have my answer by the end of my personal study time.  Sure enough, after being lead through the topical guide under the word 'seek', I found D&C 6:7.
It immediately became clear to me that I needed to first seek wisdom, but wisdom comes from applied knowledge (which is what you get from college) and applied wisdom leads to eternal life, which is where true wealth lies :)  So it became obvious to me of what I should do, and I found that in this case my choice between two good options was solved by revelation from my prayers and scripture study.  :)
I also learned this week of how "a group will rise no higher than its leaders".  These last few weeks, Elder Craig and I have been progressing so well - in our work and our companionship unity – and the Zone's progress correlated; this last week the Bangor Zone hit record highs of 36 Baptismal Dates, 32 people at Sacrament Meeting, 79 Member Lessons, and 38 New Investigators - bringing us to a total of 46 Standards reached! It was SO EXCITING! and even more exciting was how President Wilkey felt about it all.  He left us a special promise that as long as we continue to improve the unity of our companionship, and progress in our work here in Brewer, the Lord will bless the Bangor Zone and it's missionaries to continue forward in reaching our vision, increasing our faith, and bringing more of our Heavenly Father's children back to him.  WE ARE SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS WORK!

Lastly, I saw two different views the other day from leaders in our ward council meeting - the difference was between optimism and pessimism, or faith and doubt, in reference to one our investigator’s
potential to progress.  I realized it is true to while being full of faith we must remember what is reality, but when it comes down to it, I would prefer to go forward with faith, because that's one of the
roots of happiness, and that's what brings Miracles!
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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