Monday, June 6, 2011

OUR FIRST BAPTISM!!! ...well...almost...

This last Friday was Luke Capener's baptism.  He is the Bishop's son, and as a tradition in their family, the missionaries come and teach their child before he/she is baptized, so we met several times over the last few weeks and had some great teaching experiences with Luke and the Capener family.  So we joked about the being our first baptism, but it doesn't really count (not that numbers matter anyway).
Speaking of baptism, Dave Cody and Louie Trifone are still going strong and progressing well.  We are really looking forward to Dave's baptism on the 18th, and Louie's on the 25th.  Plus Dave came to Luke's baptism and really liked it, and this Saturday we are planning on going up to the Joseph Smith Memorial with him after his interview! We're way excited!

In other news, we had a great day on Tuesday!  We had a few stop-by's to make and an appointment at 5:00.  After the first few stop-by's with no one home, we decided to tract the neighborhood a bit, and as we stood at the car, preparing to leave, I noticed an older man and woman in their yard.  It wasn't any big impression, but I felt that we should go talk to them.  Long-story-short, we got to teach them the lesson of The Restoration, and invited them to church!  Then later, we were a little early to our 5:00 appointment, so we went out again to knock some doors.  No one was home at the first 2, but at the 3rd one was a really sweet mom of 3 children who had some great questions for us, and we had a great time talking about the gospel with her and inviting her to church.

No, not looking for gold plates. It's a Mutual work project.
Well none of them ended up making it to church yesterday, but that's ok, we'll try again this week :)   So we continue to work hard everyday - striving to be more obedient and diligent all the time - and we are frequently seeing the miracles that the Lord is blessing us with each week.
Oh and I know you all heard about the tornado, but don't worry, we're fine.  We are the closest area to where the tornado was, but it still didn't even come near us, it was a good hour away.  New England weather sure is crazy, haha.
Well, until next time!  From New England with love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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