Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Three Nephites of Georgetown are serving just as Ammon did

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So we've had an interesting change of events this week which I'll get to in just a minute.  But first...We went on exchanges with our Zone Leaders this last week, and it was amazing!  I got to have Elder Urrieta come with me to Georgetown, and we had such an amazing day.  After our District meeting (which was amazing as always), we headed out with Matt Wood (who is so helpful in our lessons - he is so well prepared to serve!) to teach Louie Trifone.  We had an awesome lesson with Louie about Tithing, the Word of Wisdom, and the Law of Chastity (kept brief of course).  Then we headed home before getting smashed by a random storm that came out of nowhere (branches were litterally falling in the street as we were trying to drive back).  Yes, we made it home safely.  So then Elder Urrieta and I went to a lesson with Dave Cody.  He explained that he feels like things are being rushed a bit, so we are going to push his baptismal date back a few weeks until he is able to feel comfortable with the commitment of baptism.  It's all good though, everyone has their agency, we won't force people into baptism, and we'll continue to help him to help him prepare himself for this sacred covenant.  Afterwards, we went to Haverhill (where we actually spend most of our time), and had an incredible lesson with the Fernandez family with help from Brother Kuffel.  It was such an amazing lesson in which we learned a lot about teaching people - not lessons.  The spirit was so strong in that home that evening, and we all felt our words and thoughts directed by the Spirit as we focused on discussing the Gospel of Jesus Christ rather than the need for the Restoration.  We look forward to teaching them more this week and helping them come closer to Christ.  So that exchange was just amazing - absolutely amazing.  I learned so much, and I was so spiritually lifted, and rejuvenated towards the work.
Msn Pres w/Elders Ahumada, Morales, Carr
Friday morning, we finished the exchange, and Elder Ahumada and I were discussing the things we had done/learned when all the sudden, we get a call from President Wilkey (yes we freaked out a bit).  He started off with a little joke (he's always so lovingly humorous) and then declared that we are getting a new companion - Elder Morales!!!  We were so excited! We were literally jumping, running around, and yelling with excitement, because of how awesome this Elder is.  We met Elder Morales a few weeks ago, and he had just been out for a few days and then was at our district meeting.  After meeting him, both Elder Ahumada and I said to each other how much we want him to be in a trio with us.  And lo and behold, he gets emergency transferred to none other than the dynamic duo in Georgetown!  So now we are a dynamic trio!  or as Elder Morales says, "Los Tres Nefitas!" (the three Nephites).  So anyways, we just love Elder Morales.  He's from Guatemala originally, and has only been in the mission field for a few weeks now.  Also, he speaks way more Spanish than English, so I'm learning a lot!
Now for the best part.  "The Three Nephites of Georgetown" have had some amazing service opportunities this last weekend.  We got to help out Matt Wood with a huge project with the Boy Scout troop that he used to be a member of.  Every year they do a massive can/bottle drive fundraiser and it takes a lot of work (they end up getting $3K+ every year).  So Matt asked us to help, and we had a full day planned to go to the Joseph Smith Memorial, but that fell through (blessing in disguise), so we were able to help.  Long-story-short, we worked in our proselyting clothes in a fairly dirty environment, and we still worked hard and fast the whole time.  It was so fun, and all the people (who were originally not so fond of us) grew to like us so much as we worked.  I learned so much while I was working (pretty much running around, sorting bottles and such on tables, and filling in wherever I was needed), and felt so many great feelings.  As I worked, I felt so incredibly happy.  I know that service can bring happiness, but this just strengthened my testimony sooooo much more.  We felt as Ammon did - offering to serve simply to serve, and not for any reward.  Also, as I served, I felt the pure love of Christ in my heart, and I just felt so much love for the people I was working with, for the people of Georgetown, and for the people of New England.  I felt that love that comes from a knowledge of people being more than just strangers, but rather of them being my heavenly brothers and sisters.  We found how true it is that as we serve others, we are in the service of God.  And all of this brought me true happiness.

Howdy, Doodys!

In the way of other news, (not sure if I told you yet) we had a miracle this last week with Sister Doody being able to get a new job so that she doesn't have to work on Sundays, and so she can come to church!  And we have met with her friend, Blanca Rodriguez, and Blanca's son, Josue, and we are currently teaching them.  Also, Josue came to church yesterday and loved it and looks forward to coming to mutual and church regularly! 
Elder Ahumada, Elder Morales, and I have been witnesses to so many miracles and blessings as we strive to serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In all instances, we are brought to humble gratitude for the Lord's loving care in helping us to move the work forward.
From New England with love!
Elder Dustin Carr

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