Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Communication, Selflessness, and Love: The 3 Keys to a Happy Companionship

Elder Ahumada and I have been doing great, working hard, and progressing with success.  But from last week into this week we weren't as happy as usual.  We talked, and both found things that we needed to work on, and committed to doing so.  These last few days since that talk have been so much better/happier than the week before.  I have learned a lot about how important communication, selflessness, and love are in a companionship.  So I'm learning a lot out here about effective relationships, and how to be happy with someone all the time; I'm blessed to have Elder Ahumada as my companion - one who will work on issues with me to better our companionship.  A mission really does teach someone A LOT!  haha.

Well, we're out with a local member and the Portsmith Elders for a district p-day in Portsmith, and since the libraries are closed today we are emailing in Best Buy, lol.

But as for an update.  Things are still going great! We are working hard and finding new ways to be busier and busier everyday!  Also, one investigator is still going strong towards baptism on the 18th, and abother is progressing well towards his baptism for the 25th.  Plus, the members here are just the best!  They are really treating us sooooooo well, and they just love us!  I love this ward so much, and we were super excited this weekend because transfers are tomorrow, but we never got a call, so we are staying in Georgetown for at least another 6 weeks!!! 

I love missionary work! I Love this Gospel! and I LOVE MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!!

From New England with love!

Elder Dustin Carr

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