Monday, May 2, 2011

I Believe in Miracles

This last week has been amazing, and I have come to find that our Heavenly Father is a God of miracles.  After praying and fasting to simply find one person to teach, Elder Ahumada and I felt that it would be a great idea to meet our neighbors, introduce ourselves, and share the Gospel with them.  After just a few houses, we came across one in which a man came out and talked to us for a while.  His name is Toby Curtis, his wife's name is Lynn, and his son's name is Dustin (ya I thought that was pretty cool too).  After talking for a while with the humble man (who by the way was standing outside on wet ground with no shoes on a particularly cold evening), he said that he was pretty busy with some things going on, but he would like to meet with us someday.  Toby also said that Dustin was sick at the time, so we prayed for him with Toby at his door.  We came back a few days later, and got to meet Lynn and Dustin (who was healed), and after talking for a bit they asked if we could come over for dinner sometime.  We were thrilled!  And now we are looking forward to meeting them again this next Wednesday and helping them to come closer to Christ : )

Click to Enlarge - Georgetown, MA
 We also had a neat experience this last week with service.  We had been tracting on a street when we noticed a large bag of mortar powder for tiles spilled in the road next to an intersection.  We watched as a man was scooping it with a shovel, and we ran over to see if we could help.  He said he needed a trash bag and possible some help shoveling, so we ran to the next house and knocked (we're good at that) and asked for some supplies.  The man gave us what we needed, but was very apprehensive to even talk to us missionaries.  As we worked with this man on cleaning up the mess, a cop came to slow and direct traffic around us; he just so happened to be the officer that had spoken to us the week before.  When we finished cleaning up the mess, the man whom we had helped tried so hard to give us some money (especially because of how messy our clothes got), but of course we would not accept it; instead, we gave him a card with our number on it : )  The the cop and the neighbor (who were previously not too fond of us) expressed their gratitude for us and the work that we had just done.  It was amazing to see how these men's hearts had been softened so much towards us all due to a simple act of service.  I love serving people!!!
We also had another great miracle last night, but you'll have to wait till next week to hear about that, I gotta write my letter to my Mission President and get going.
Well I love you all.  I'm doing great out here!  Don't worry about me too much, just do all you can to keep your faith strong and grow closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father everyday. 
From the great New England!
Elder Dustin Carr

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