Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MTC week number 2 begins!

MTC week number 2 begins!
  So this Wednesday marked one week for my district and me being here.  It's crazy how long it feels, and yet we look back and see how much we have learned!  Everyone was right, too, when they said, "Make it to Sunday and you're golden."  Getting to Sunday seemed pretty difficult; just adjusting to the routine of things here - spending all the time from 6:30am - 10:30pm busy as ever - but this week we have really gotten into the swing of things.  My district is awesome, we are really growing close and working together in every way.  We make sure to be as productive as possible, while still allowing time for fun and laughter, which is much needed sometimes.
Men in Black Tags
  We live by a saying here - Speak Your Language.  And so wherever we are, we are trying to speak as much Spanish as possible, and it always ended up being Spanglish, haha.  It's so funny listening to us pray in Spanish or just try to talk for a full hour in Spanish;  we butcher the language so bad, haha.  But we're working really hard and learning tons every day.  For instance, this last week, I memorized Joseph Smith's First Vision, My Purpose as a Missionary, and The Baptisimal Challenge in Spanish, so basically, I'm ready for the field ; )
  Today we got to go to the temple, and that was just amazing.  I love the temple so much, and it is wonderful to feel the Spirit so strong there.  Also, this last Sunday, we got to watch The Church's newest Joseph Smith movie.  I would highly recommend it to everyone, it was a HUGE testimony builder.
  Well I gotta run, but know that I am doing well, and I am doing my best here.  I love being a missionary and I look forward to the day I get to serve in Mexico.
  I love you all! 

Elder Carr

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