Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18 @ MTC

iHOLA! iAnother great week here in the MTC!

  Hey first off, thanks for all the letters this week, they are so helpful and uplifting, and it's great to finally hear from my family.  Amber, thanks so much for the pictures/letter, those were so cute and so hilarious. I was bragging to all the elders in my district and when I read Megan and Mikayla's letters to them, we were all laughing so hard; I sure do love those girls. 
  Mom and Dad, thanks for my glasses and the see's suckers, those were great!  hey did you ever get my pictures that I sent a week ago?  I'm sending more this next week, so hopefully you'll get them.  Gosh mom, your school gets crazier every day, like that was just ridiculous about the kid drawing blood from you, and the other kids fighting.  I told the elders in my district how they are all hispanic those are the kinds of dangers that we will face for the next 2 years, haha. 
  And thanks for your letter Josh, I was shocked to hear Bridget is getting her first tooth!  She's already growing up too fast!  That's awesome that you got to go to the leadership broadcast.  Thanks for telling me about it, cause we don't get to watch it and we don't have anytime to read up about it.

Guys in Really Blue Ties
  So Monday was Valentine's Day.  Sure was an interesting day. I mean, it was nice, like in the evening I got a package from Chelsie, so that was really fun (THANK YOU!), but it's just weird... it wasn't exactly the most..."loveable" day.  But I guess that's part of being a missionary, and that's something I have to learn to deal with.
  Thanks for keeping me updated on Egypt, Dad.  I was thrilled when we talked about it and turned to the scriptures, cause we found that some of Isaiah's prophesies are coming to pass right now!  Look up Isaiah 19 (I think just the first half of the chapter), and then go to 2 Nephi 21:11-12.  They fortell what is happening right now with Egypt.  I think it's absolutely fascinating, and VERY exciting for the church to have the possibility of sending missionaries to the Middle East.  Next is China!  haha.
  Elder Stevenson and I met Daniel Limon (an actor/investigator) 3 more times this week.  It was such an amazing experience.  I know it was just a practice, but it felt so real.  When we left I expressed to Elder Stevenson how great that felt, and how that is what I want to feel for the next 2 years.
  Well I gotta run, but know that I'm doing great here.  Spanish is getting tough, but I'm pulling through.
Love you all!
Elder Carr

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