Saturday, January 29, 2011

First letter to Home: Day 4 @ MTC

iHola my Familia!
Ok so basically, the MTC is God's second greatest gift...well maybe not that much, but it is pretty awesome!  I love it here!  I don't have much time, so I'm going to have to be breif, and I'll send pictures in the mail to mom and dad today if I can.
Gosh it is crazy out here, seriously every single minute it spent studying or something, not a single minute is wasted.  Today is my first P (Preparation) day, and from here on out, it will be on Saturdays.  I will have more time to write next time. 
ANYWAYS!  I love the MTC. I'm learning SOOOO much!  My companion, Elder Stevenson is AMAZING! and we were definitely meant to be companions, he and I work so well together and we really pull each other along.  The food is great here, but we definitely have too many therefore we are forced to eat everything ; )   My district rocks!  we're like an 8-person family!  I love my classes (even though some are like 5 hours long!)  and I'm learning soooooo much Spanish!  I've already learned how to pray, bear my testimony, and more!  The schedule is so intense here that we spend 6:30am - 10:30pm moving/studying/working non-stop.  sS yes, we are all VERY tired, ha ha. 
Well I gotta run, but just know that I'm doing great here! and I'm loving every minute!   
Feel free to write me anytime, and you can use dear elder too (it's free and easy).
Love you all!

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