Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elder Dustin Carr has been called to serve in the Mexico Tampico mission.

   To my friends and family who are reading and following my blog.  Since I am not able to keep up a blog myself while on my mission, I will have my Dad and my Sister, Amber, take that job.  The idea is that they will post the weekly letter I send to my family as well as pictures.  My intent in this blog is to bring you along with me through my mission and the experiences I have that help me to grow.  I hope that as you read about the things which I am experiencing, you will find your self gaining a stronger testimony and a desire to be a better member missionary, or to serve a mission yourself.  With that said, I would like to start by sharing the day I opened my mission call...

September 15th,

   This morning, my roommates and I went to work out.  It's Friday, and I don't have any classes today, so it's the perfect time.  I finished a few minutes before them and decided to get the mail.  I had just sent in my mission papers a week and a half ago, so I figured there was no chance that they could come till next week.
   Also, I knew that mission calls (at least up at BYU-I)  typically come on a Thursday, and since I didn't get it yesterday, I figured it hadn't come yet.  But little did I know, no one got the mail yesterday.  I turned the key, opened the box, and there it was; a large, thick, white enveloped addressed: ELDER DUSTIN CARR.

   I was in shock! I could not believe it.  I help it in my hands for a minute - breathless - speechless. I ran around the courtyard yelling, "I GOT MY MISSION CALL!!!"  Then I noticed another envelope, yellow and of regular size address to me as well, but in the top corner is said: TRAVEL INFORMATION.  I ran back to the weight room and grabbed my roommates, and their shock was just as entertaining as mine.  I quickly gave the envelopes to Jake and asked him to hide them.
   The rest of the day I spend texting/calling/facebook messaging all my friends and family to let them all know that I would be opening my call tonight at 7:00 at Alpine Chalet's lounge.  It was killing me.  My biggest task was just focusing and being patient.  I made a poster for people to write down their guesses as to where I was going.  They got to guess where I would be going if it was foreign as well as domestic.  People we constantly asking where I hope to go, and I simply replied, "I doesn't matter, because I know that it will be the place the Lord wants me to be....but if I got to pick, I would just like a Spanish-speaking mission."  I did have a feeling, though, that I would be going foreign due to the "Travel Information" letter.  I had so much energy today, it felt wonderful.  Every minute felt like an hour, but then, all the sudden, it was 6:45.
   I started organized people and getting my computer set up to skype Dad.  Friends started trickling in, and before I knew it, it was 7:00.  My poster of guesses was filling up, but as I looked them over, I couldn't sense where I would be going.  I had a few friends taking pictures and Chelsie was filming the event with my camera.  Several friends offered their phones, so I was able to have my family on the line, as well as my friend and roommate from previous semesters, Ryan Plumb.  I tried to count how many people were there, but I lost the number after 40.  Even my Bishop and his wife came!  So with all phones in place, my dad on Skype, and all my friends and role-models surrounding me, it was time to open my call.
   Jake brought in the two envelopes and handed them to me.  I put to yellow TRAVEL INFO. envelope on the table, and held the white, large one, from the missionary department, in my hands.  It felt so heavy.  I announced that I was about to open my call and the room went silent.  I thanked everyone for being here and supporting me, and then I proceeded to open the envelope.  My hands were sweaty and shaking from my excitement, I could barely open the envelope; but when I did, I pulled out the letter, and began to read.

   Dear Elder Carr:  You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  You are assigned to labor in the Mexico, Tampico Mission.

   And in that very moment, I KNEW that it was the place Christ had called me to serve.

   I ended phone calls, thanked everyone for coming to support me, and said goodbyes.  Sister Sevy (Bishop's wife) came up to me and asked me what I'm feeling right now.  Without hesitation, I answered, "Love."  To which she replied, "That is Christ's love."  I felt so much love, Christ's love.

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