Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Letter from Mission Pres

2 Bedford Farms Drive Ste #208
Bedford, New Hampshire 03110-6532
Mission Office: (603) 471-3285
Mission Home: (603) 472-8388

April 20, 2011

Peter & Julie Carr
2090 Hooker Oak Avenue
Chico CA 95926

Dear Brother & Sister Carr,

It is a pleasure to report that your missionary son, Elder Dustin William Carr, has arrived safely in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission. I have interviewed him and found him ready and willing to serve the Lord.

We have prayerfully selected a companion to serve as a trainer for your son. Only the finest young men are selected for this vital assignment. His Trainer and companion:        
                        Elder Sebasthian Ahumada

We know you join with us in desiring that Elder Carr be a successful and devoted missionary. Your weekly letters of encouragement and love are essential elements in his development. You may write directly to his personal address or you may send letters to the mission office address that is printed above, and they will be forwarded. Please write his first as well as his last name on the envelope. You may also communicate with your missionary through the church e-mail service only.  Our missionaries are allowed to send and receive e-mails to and from immediate family only, on Mondays.
   We thank you for the opportunity to share this marvelous time with your son. We rejoice in the great blessings that will come to many wonderful people here in northern New England because of Elder Carr’s devotion to the work of the Lord.
   With Best Regards,
   David L. Wilkey
   President, New Hampshire Manchester Mission

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