Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8 and still @ MTC

I'm going to serve the Lord, and NOTHING is going to stop me.
That's right.  I had an appointment with a doctor yesterday in order to clear up everything that's we've been trying to figure out with my digestive system.  He said they will probably send me home to figure it out there and get better before serving.  I sat in shock for a minute as he told me about going home, and then I looked him in the eye and said, "No.  You are not sending me home.  Going home is not an option.  I have a duty to fulfill.  I'm going to serve the Lord, and nothing is going to stop me."  With a great smile on his face, the Dr. replied, "Well then Elder Carr, that's the attitude we need!  now let's get to work."
We both decided that due to many different circumstances, it would be better for me, health-wise, to be in the states; so he recommended that I get reassigned.  Long-story-short, I'll be here another week.  Next Wednesday, the reassignment committee will meet and decide if I am to still go to Mexico, or if I am to be reassigned to the states, and where.  BTW, the reassignment committee is led by a member of the Quorum of the 12 at any time, so his decision will be wherever the Lord needs me the most, and I have so much faith and confidence in that.
Evolution of Missionary
I'm completely ok with being here longer and then being reassigned.  I love the MTC, and I do feel like a mission in the states would be best for me, it that is where the Lord needs me the most.  So please don't think this is anything negative; but rather see it as a great blessing and opportunity in my life.
Yesterday, I got a dearelder letter from Chelsie in which she said that it is quite possible that I was called to Mexico at this time so that I could be in this specific district and zone of Elders, so that I would have the opportunity to teach them something, and they would all have the opportunity to teach me something.  Already, I have seen how true this is, and how blessed I have been to be here even longer to be with these specific missionaries to learn so much from them and teach so much to them.  The Lord's hand is in this work; every bit of it.
Well I hope you all enjoyed conference this last weekend.  It sure was amazing!  I hope you all listened to President Monson's talk about temples.  I challenge everyone who reads this to take up on the opportunity and blessing that you have to have temples all over the world.  I challenge you to go to a temple at least once a month, and for those of you who are within walking distance, go every week!  I know that you, your family, and your relationship with your spouse will be greatly blessed.
I love you all! take care!
Elder Carr
p.s. thank you Derry seminary for your letters! I will be writing you all back this week! keep up the great work!

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