Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1 @ MTC (really, no foolin)

There is a purpose why I am still here.  A definite and clear purpose.
A lot of things have changed this week, but it has brought on some amazing days, and some of the greatest feelings.  First off, I've been delayed for 2 weeks for "medical hold" so the doctors have more time to figure out what's wrong with me before sending me to Mexico.  My district left this last Monday, and I am now in the district just below mine (I sent pics, so they should be up soon).  I just love this district, so it's a huge blessing to be with them. 

Missionary version of girls' shoe pic.

Also, Elder Grajeda, from the district before mine, has also been delayed for medical reasons, so he and I are now companions, and it is amazing!
Elder Grajeda is just so fun/funny, but he also knows how to work, teach, and speak Spanish really well.  He and I work really well together.  But we both realized something so much more important after we went to the Tuesday night devotional.
In the devotional, a member of the 70 told a story about 2 Elders that they watched come into a Taco Bell.  The Elder simply bought their food, ate it, and left, without uttering a single word to anyone there or to each other.  He stressed how the Elders were taking a "lunch break", and how there are no lunch breaks.  Elder Grajeda and I thought about this, and then something hit me;  I realized why I am still here.
With Elder Taylor Wasden,
 who apparently has
grown a foot or two.
I felt the Spirit very strong at the moment, and realized that by choosing to sit with Elder Grajeda in our room, reading the Book of Mormon, closed off from everyone else, that we were taking a "lunch break".  And I also realized that that is not why I am here, but for something so much more.  I am here for everyone else.  And while reading the Book of Mormon is a wonderful thing, it does nothing for the other Elders in my zone that could really use my help.  So Elder Grajeda and I  have both had some amazing experiences with the other Elders and we have helped them a lot.  Through all of this, I have found that there is a reason why I am still here, and it is not just for me, but it is for everyone else.  I have found so much happiness in this new found reason - true happiness.
Well, I gotta run, but as for now, my mailbox is switched to 274, so I'd love to still hear from you all! oh and I'm planing on heading out on the 11th, but I maybe be reassigned to the states.  I'll let you all know what happens in next weeks email!
I love you all! thank you so much for your support and prayers!  Enjoy conference!
Elder Dustin Carr

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