Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 15 Leaving the MTC - Finally!

My Branch Presidency: Bowers, Hansens, Merrills.  Love them!

Some things are too coincidental to be a coincidence.

So yesterday I got my reassignment, and I have been called to the Manchester, New Hampshire Mission! 

I was speaking to the MTC President about my friend who lives in that area.  After thorough additional consideration at Salt Lake City it was decided that this is the right mission for me, all agreed that this is  the place where I am to be reassigned.
I leave the MTC on Monday, and will have a good loooong talk with my mission president, and there will most likely be some very specific and strict rules for me in my mission.  I know that no matter what is to come, I will be blessed for being obedient to the rules and doing the things I am asked to do.  I am committed to being 100% obedient.

I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that mission calls truly do come from the Lord, and he has an elaborate plan for me that will change my life forever.

I love you all!  Monday I'll be in NH!
Elder Dustin Carr

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