Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4 from MTC

I made it past the hump!
That's right, this last week was hump week here at the MTC.  Everyone brought out all the treats and we had our own little fiesta.  It's quite a celebration cause it means we survived half of the MTC, and in 4 weeks, will be working on surviving Mexico! haha!
Speaking of surviving foreign countries, Elder Cochrane from our district left 3 weeks ago for the Peru MTC.  This week, we got a letter from him sent through  Apparently in Peru MTC, they let you go out on the streets and go tracting.  Within 48 hours of being there, Elder Cochrane says he got mugged and one of the guys smashed his hand with a baseball bat.  They took x-rays and had to send him back to the US for surgery.  So he's at home, but in 3 weeks he'll be back out in Peru.  So ya, I guess some crazy stuff really does happen....but don't worry, that was in Peru, and I'm going to Mexico ; ) 
Our teacher, Hermano Harper, was transfered into a new district this week.  It was really sad cause we all love him so much.  He's such an amazing teacher and even more than that, he was our friend.  But everything happens for a reason, and I know he will be blessed for willingly leaving us. 
Elders Schomburg, Gulbrandson, Carr & Stevenson 
So we met with Glen a few times this week, he is Baptist and very firm in his beliefs, but this last wednesday was very interesting/amazing.  Glen had a neighbor give him a book about Joseph Smith, he got interested so he called up some local missionaries to tell him more.  Long story short, he chose to be baptized, and one morning he woke up and had a very spiritual experience that confirmed that it was the right choice.  It was so amazing to see this change in this man's life.  It was so wonderful to see him turning his life towards Christ.  I felt so much love for him, it was truly amazing; unlike anything else.
So this is what people talk about when they say that a mission can bring so much joy.  This is what they mean by loving someone as Christ would.  And this is what they meant when they said that I will see people change, and it will be the most beautiful thing.
I love serving.  I love helping people.  I love helping bring God's children - my brothers and sisters - back to him.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
Elder Carr

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