Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Week's Learnings

This week has taught me a lot! We held companionship inventories (where we discuss the issues and then offer help/advice and set goals to improve) and we've been able to improve our communication and have the Spirit to guide us more as we are more unified! : )
Investigator gave us new ties!

We've also been in some interesting situations that have really opened my eyes a lot and helped me appreciate the Gospel more; for instance, we've met with a bunch of different kids lately - many our age - who just have nothing going on in their lives and they have no true happiness, plus we went to support one of our less-actives at his wedding, as well as stopping by in downtown Bangor for Open Mic a bar...haha. So it's nothing to be worried about, we've been obedient in all cases and focused on fulfilling our purpose as missionaries, but it sure did show us just how much you miss out on when you aren't a member of Christ's restored church, and especially when you aren't living his commandments! I realized how much I had been taking this Gospel for granted, and now I have a much greater sense of gratitude for it, and a much stronger testimony of the joy that comes from living it!

Lastly, we had some sweet miracles this week and found a total of 7 new investigators! and the best part is that we found a family! We only counted the Mom and Dad, but they have two daughters that are of baptism age as well. It was pretty special because they were very sweet to us, yet when we offered them a Book of Mormon and invited them to learn they kindly tried to deny it, but then I testified of our purpose, and I told them, "We have a unique message for you, and that the most important part of our message is how your family can be together forever," and they gladly accepted our invitation.

The family as an eternal unit has been one of my favorite things to testify of on my mission, and I KNOW that families, when sealed in the temple, can be TOGETHER FOREVER!

From New England with love,

Elder Dustin Carr

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