Thursday, May 24, 2012

Understanding Personal Revelation
This last week taught me quite a bit about personal revelation; how to receive it, and how to understand it.  I learned a lot about it at Zone Conference that I've applied directly afterwards in the field of work.  We learned that we must seek revelation through prayer, be worthy of it through righteousness and preparation, then act on the impressions we receive.  As we do so, and as we express our gratitude in prayer for revelation received, we will be blessed to have more experiences in which the Spirit will direct us and show us what our Heavenly Father wants us to know or do.
At Zone Conference, while we were leading a workshop on how to listen and ask inspired questions, we had planned out how to have everyone real-play it out with investigators in mind, but at the last minute I felt the need to have us real-play teaching each other.  So we asked the missionaries to teach each other of a Golden Truth they have learned on their mission, and why/how it has changed their lives.  We
then had the companion listening ask questions to get a more clear understanding and dig deeper; and last, the missionary listening was to write down the name of someone they are teaching whom they think that Golden Truth should be shared with/taught to.  As they concluded, they discussed the people they chose to share this with, and we could see some revelation they were receiving.  Probably the greatest part of all was just how unified each companionship became - some of them even had quite an emotional experience.  This also helped unify the Zone a lot more, so we were very grateful for that, and for the prompting we acted on.   : )
Later, at a lesson with two of our investigators, we taught how to receive revelation through the scriptures (particularly the Book of Mormon).  We taught them with simple steps:  1. Have a question in mind;  2. Pray asking for help and guidance;  3. Start by looking for key words in the index that relate to your question;  4. Read the short captions, pick one that sticks out, read the scripture and see if it
applies;  5. If that scripture answers your question, then write down what you learned and say a prayer of gratitude for it; if not repeat steps 3-4, and you WILL find your answer :)  So it was a good lesson,
but it was GREAT for them!  They each found scriptures that taught them something and answered questions of their souls, they finally understand how to study the scriptures, and they are excited
now to read and study them regularly!  Plus, we each received some revelation for ourselves through the scriptures: mine being from Alma 26:27 - which taught me a lot about patience, which I've been needing to work on lately, haha.
Lastly, on Saturday, I felt impressed to call a man that we had met a week before.  The funny story is...well, we met him in an Applebee's restroom during district lunch, haha.  Anyways, I had his business card, so I gave him a call, and he said he had just been thinking about me and was hoping I would invite him to our services!  So I told him we'd get him a ride and he was super excited!  Yesterday he came to church and he loved every bit of it! When we asked how he liked it he said, "It just feels
right."  :)
So I learned a lot about what it takes to receive revelation and how to follow the promptings of the Spirit, and this week has helped me focus so much more on that now.
From Maine with love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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