Monday, May 7, 2012

Following the Promptings We Recieve
Well, today is my 2/3 mark in my mission (calculated with my new
return date), so that's pretty exciting. I'm excited to look at how
each "1/3" of my mission has been so significant in my growth and
learning, and in all the things I've been able to do for others, and I
must say, I'm really looking forward to this last 1/3 with an eye of
faith and dedication towards this great cause.  I've learned how to
truly be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and I'm excited to hold that work ethic till the day I can't wear my tag anymore! :)

So this last week we got our new companion, Elder Niebergall, and I must say, I wouldn't pick anyone else to be a part of this trio!  He's also from Utah, he has a lot more experience in the mission (only 3 transfers left), but he's super humble, dilligent in this work, and he always has such a goofy way about him that he is constantly making me and Elder Esplin smile and laugh.  Ya, we work pretty well together, haha.  Chances are that this trio will only last till the end of this transfer, but in the meantime we are taking full advantage of it - going on splits to get to teach more people, and going on exchanges with every area in our Zone, which is unheard of in this mission!
This last week we had 2 sweet miracles!  The first one came from a lesson with a couple that had previously been having major relationship issues that day.  We had lunch and a brief lesson on the Atonement with them, then decided to come back later that night or another lesson.  When we came back, just as we were about to start the lesson, things blew up again.  I sat there praying to know what we could do to help resolve the situation, and then I thought of  something.  I remembered how President Wilkey had taught us in an MLT about an experience where he and Sister Wilkey had an arguement and he felt impressed to sing a hymn and then laugh.  Then I remembered how we sang hymns with the Wilkeys during our lesson before and how much they loved and remembered that. So I pulled out my hymn book and we suggested we sing a hymn to them.  As I looked through the topic of Love, I was drawn to the hymn "Our Savior's Love".  Without any practice, we sang, and we were blessed to sing quite beautifully. With the Spirit very strong and present in their apartment, the whole demeanor changed, and we were able to go on with laughs and love between them.  It was quite a appy moment :)

The second miracle was Saturday night.  Earlier that day we met a less active sister who wasn't doing so good.  She was struggling with choices she has made and so we shared with her scriptures, our testimonies of the Atonement, and how we can be cleansed through Repentance.  She felt a lot more peaceful, but I could tell she still had a lot going on.  Then that night, we had some appointments fall through that were quite solidly set, and as we went to stop by to see a guy whom we previously didn't plan on stopping by, even as a back up - we saw a lady walking on the street.  As we parked, I felt the need to contact her, so I told the Elders we needed to.  As we walked to her, I realized it was that sister - she was over 5 miles away from home, wandering in the cold as the sun was setting!  As we talked we found that she was about to give up on everything, but we were able to help her out and we reafirmed her of our support and love.  We then called a member to give her a ride home, and that got her back safely.

I've never been so good at understanding what promtings I';m recieving from this Spirit, but this last week taught me a lot.  It may be as simple as an impression to sing a song or talk to someone walking on the street, but whatever it is, as long as you are doing the right thing, and as long as it is an impression to do something good, then just do it, because you will most likely be able to bring the blessing someone else needs.

I know that God knows us each individually and that He hears and answers our prayers - often times through promptings from the Spirit.
From New England with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

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