Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Triumphant Trio

We have been having the greatest time ever in a trio.  We've seen tons of miracles, we've been able to work so perfectly smooth together and fully support each other, and we've been able to reach and exceed our goals like never before.  In this mission we have Standards of Excellence, which are goals that are set as standards to reach each week for a number of baptismal dates, investigators at Sacrament Meeting, Lessons taught to investigators with a member present, and New Investigators.  These goals were designed to help us stretch and grow, and they definitely have this week.  Had we been able to set just 1 more baptismal date, we would've been able to reach all 4 of our Standards!  Also, we hit a total lessons this week that I've never been able to reach on my mission: 24! (and that's with having about 10 hours of proselyting time put into driving, going to another District meeting, and service).  So ya, this was a great week, and things are picking up like a rolling snowball!

This last Thursday night, after going to 2 lessons with Stake President Martin, we were saying goodbye when we noticed a couple walking on the other side of the street.  We walked over to contact them, and as Elder Niebergall introduced himself, the man quickly tried to shut us down and walk away.  But as we offered them a free copy of the Book of Mormon, the woman replied, "I've already got one." So we walked and talked a bit and found that she had been reading it for a while and was teaching it to other friends of hers!  She said she's noticed the blessings and the strength she and her friends recieve from reading it!  And as we began to set an appointment for when we could meet with her, she mentioned that she wants to introduce us to all her friends and help them learn about the Book of Mormon aswell! :)  That sure was a sweet find!  We're really looking forward to meeting with her and her friends this next week :)

Another really sweet thing that happened was on Saturday we got a call from a member telling us that her friend (one of our new investigators) had some good news for us.  When we arrived, she told
us that after quiting smoking for over a week now, she has found strength from this gospel that she never knew was possible, and she has decided to be baptized!  And it was also super special for me
because she wants me to baptize her!  It was such a sweet miracle of member-missionary work, because we really didn't do that much yet, but the influence of her member friend helped her to make such righteous decisions. :)

So things are really looking up for us, and we're pushing with every effort to keep things progressing at an accelerated rate.  And remember when I said to buckle up now that we've got a trio?  Well now
you better hang on tight, cause this work here has EXPLODED, and it's a wild ride!

From Maine with Love,

Elder Dustin Carr

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  1. You are just awesome Elder Carr. We miss you in Georgetown!