Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference Weekend Miracle

Tracting, Maine-ly
This has been quite a long week, it honestly felt like 2 weeks, but don't get me wrong, I loved every bit of it.  It started with a trip to Zone Leader Council on Tuesday, then a District Meeting and exchange on Wednesday.  Then Thursday, when I finally returned to my own area with my own companion, we were discussing how much I have even worked in my own area, and by that time, I had only worked like 1
day out of the last week and a half, haha.  So it's a little tough that I still barely know the area or it's investigators/less-actives, but I'm getting there, and Elder Esplin is really working hard to help
me learn the area - we set some great goals for this week and I'm
excited to get a stronger footing now.  :)
So last August we got texting on our phones, and we figured out a way to utilize that technology to help those we work with.  Every morning we send a "Scripture of the Day" to a group of people (investigators,
recent converts, and less-actives) who wanted one.  The idea is that the theme of the scripture will either cater to their needs, the times/holidays, or simply be focused on helping them gain a desire to
progress more in the gospel and grow closer to Christ.  This weekend, we received a text from one of our recent converts who has been struggling and she said, "I wanted to tell you that I know missionaries only recently received the privilege of texting to someone and answering back and I think you have used this privilege well.  Whomever had the idea of sending out daily spiritual messages or scriptures had an awesome idea to improve our daily lives and you were able to help me because of this.  Thank you."  This really touched our hearts and we are grateful to have been inspired as to how we can use technology to fulfill our missionary purpose "to help others come unto Christ..."  We continually get warm messages of joy and appreciation from this and we are looking for other ways to utilize technology for good.
Well, this last weekend was AMAZING!  I learned so much from General Conference - I don't even know where to begin.  First off, I have developed such a greater appreciation for conference over the last 3
sessions I have watched and studied during my mission.  I also have decided a goal to never miss a single session of conference again, and to find creative ways to instill this same love for conference in my
family someday.
This conference brought a major miracle.  In between the Saturday morning and afternoon sessions, we went to visit our investigator couple (who are not yet married).  While there, they got into a huge argument and it was really sad to see them tearing each other down.  We tried to add suggestions about how the gospel can help, but we aren't marriage counselors, and this didn't feel like the place for us - but we knew we couldn't leave on a sour note.  As Elder Esplin was talking, I silently prayed for help with this situation and almost immediately received an answer.  I felt a spiritual impression that I know Elder Esplin felt too, because he spoke the words I was feeling, and then I added to it and concluded with a strong promise
and testimony.  The prompting we felt was to promise them that if they would specifically watch that next session of conference, and if they would watch with open/humble hearts, willing to accept whatever
counsel is given, then they will hear one of the talks as if it were written directly for them, and they will hear, feel, and know that it was God's counsel for them.  We ended with a kneeling prayer, but we
were a bit distraught walking out the door after hearing that the man might pack up and leave, and that he didn't want to come to Priesthood session.
Then we met with the other missionaries at the church, and before walking into the afternoon session, we knelt and prayed.  With humble hearts we prayed and pleaded that a miracle would be brought forth,
that they would watch the conference, and that one of the talks given would seem as though it were specifically written for them.  Now full of faith, we entered that Saturday afternoon
Conference Session and saw a miracle happen right before our eyes.
During the first talk, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke about eliminating envy, acquiring charity, and developing strong relationships - full of love, centered on Christ.  Countless times during the talk I found myself in tears as my companion and I looked at each other and realized what had just happened.  I wrote on the margin of my notes, "This talk was inspired and written for the couple."  Afterward we texted him and asked if he had watched that session of conference and his reply confirmed that he and Susie
watched it together, that it "really hit home", and that it was a talk truly written for them; he later came and enjoyed the Priesthood session with a happy smile and a bright spirit about him.
I know that our God is a God of miracles; sometimes they come in the
form of sicknesses, blue bows, mission calls, or even General
Conference talks, but regardless, I DO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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