Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A dream come true. I am now serving in Maine.

Watch out, Elder Esplin!
     Ha ha, ok so serving in Maine has always been a joke down in Massachussetts, but honestly, now that I'm actually serving here, I just LOVE this land!  The people here are generally very humble, typically a bit wacky, but so funny and loveable. being called as a Zone Leader has been quite amazing, and I am loving every bit of it.     I have been called to serve in the Brewer, ME area with Elder Esplin, and it was definintely inspired.   Elder Esplin is from St. George, UT; he has been a ZL for 1 transfer now, and he is very musically talented.  We connect so well, and we had a strong spiritual experience at transfers when we talked with President just after being called to serve together - it was definitely an inspired calling.
     Elder Esplin and I have been having fun, working hard, and enjoying every minute of serving together.  This last week we didn't get much time to do actual work due to Zone Leader responsibilities and such, but if  the first week is always the roughest, and I enjoyed it this
much, then I can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for us!!! 
My "Family" of Elders:
Gaunt, Busby, Blad, Cordova
     I still barely know the area and our investigators, but we have 4 baptismal dates right now, so we're doing pretty good :)  Being a Zone Leader is A LOT of extra work, and way less time for myself,
but it brings so much more happiness.  A few of the things I love the most are that I get to share the yolk (yoke?) of responsibilities equally with my companion, we get to work with the specific needs of district leaders and their missionaries' areas, I feel love for each missionary in the zone, we get to talk to President Wilkey every week, and in this area we are absolutely spoiled, lol (we have the greatest apartment, a legit mini van, a sweet ward, and so much more!).
     So ya, things are really going great, and I am just loving every bit of it.  This morning, as I walked around getting ready for the day, I started just naming off all the wonderful things I have been blessed
with, and it felt so great!  I truly am blessed to be here, and I can't wait to tell you of the miracles we will witness here in Brewer, ME.
     BTW, my address is:
     58 Perkins St. Apt. 2
     Bangor, ME 04401
     (ya I know, it's confusing, I'm in the Brewer area, but we live in Bangor)

 From Maine with love,
 Elder Dustin Carr

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