Monday, March 5, 2012

Get B.O.L.D.

Our Zone Goal this last transfer has been to Get B.O.L.D. and its an acronym that stands for:
B - be loving
O - out perform our past
L - learn it, do it
D - don't forget the objective (strive to arrive with 385 - it's a NHMM thing)
Ordering up some McTransfers
I've been learning so much lately about the concept of getting bold, while not being overbearing; I think that is mostly due to the first letter standing for Be Loving. I must say though, that as I have focussed on applying each other the 4 points of "Get B.O.L.D.", I have seen a significant improvement in my confidence level in many aspects of this work. I have found that I am quicker to act on impressions I recieve. I look back on what things have gone well, and in what ways we can improve. I seek to apply all the things I learn from the various meetings we attend and things I study.   I have a more focused vision on what Our Purpose really is as missionaries.
The change that has come from this Zone Goal truly has been such a blessing to me, and I do feel that I have learned how to be a BOLD representative of Jesus Christ. Case in point: this last week we were meeting with an investigator, with whom we have been meeting for 2 weeks now. We hadn't extended a baptismal date to him yet, and I typically wouldn't until he was progressing more. But during our lesson about the Plan of Salvation, just as we were explaining the Celestial Kingdom, I felt the impression to invite him to be baptized on April 14th - and unlike many times in the past, I did not hesitate. I got B.O.L.D.
As I explained why baptism was necessary to enter the Celestial Kingdom, and then invited him to be baptized on April 14th, I could feel pure Christ-like love - charity. The presence of the Spirit was strong, and I knew that I had done the right thing. He accepted the date, and was excited for it and all the things we will do in between to reach that day. Yesterday, he came to church for the first time and loved it - nothing could have made that Sacrament meeting sweeter than the smile he brought in with him.
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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