Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Progressing Explosions of Progress!

These last two weeks have been CRAZY AWESOME!!!  Elder Busby and I have been so incredibly blessed with so much success from all of our hard work.  Last week, we got 6 new investigators! This Sunday, we had 7 investigators at church! By the end of Sunday, we had 8 progressing investigators! And this next Saturday is Junior Fernandez's Birthday!!!  It has definitely been an exciting few weeks full of miracles and so much more.
With investigator Simon
Elder Busby and I have been learning TONS and growing so much.  We are always setting new goals and striving to do better and better EVERY DAY!  At first I was having a hard time with my own pride and not allowing him the equal opportunity in teaching/finding situations, and I felt terrible about it, but I didn't know what to do.  As I prayed and pondered how I can fix this, I realized that I need to rely on him more.   I have always been able to trust him, and I've always had so much confidence in him, so now I just needed to put that into action!  And so this last week has been really great and I have been able to take from his example and learn so much during all the work we do. 
As we talked this last week about why/how we've been so blessed with all these miracles and how our new investigators have so quickly become progressing investigators, we came up with a three-part formula to missionary success.  First, striving to be 100% Obedient (even in all the little things); Second, striving to be 100% Dilligent (no justifications for wasting 1 single minute of the Lord's time); and Third, having pure Faith that miracles will come through our obedience and dilligence.  :)
I have also learned a lot about Faith recently and how essential it is in this work.  Last Sunday, a young man, whom we didn't know, came to church.  He had come a few times about a year and a half ago, and randomly decided to come back.  We met with him later, and when we asked what sparked his interest in coming back and investigating the church again, he told us a story.  His story was about a recent experience when he had felt the spirit so strong, and it drew his thoughts back to our church.  He is such a solid investigator now and he is growing daily in his testimony.  Having him come to church that Sunday was such a miracle and it really reaffirmed my faith that the Lord truly is preparing people to be ready to recieve His gospel.
Well, we're looking forward to another week full of work, obedience, dilligence, faith, and hopefully more success :)
From New England with love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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  1. The numbers they are seeing in investigators coming to church are absolutely unheard of in that area. This is so impressive and amazing!