Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Elevator That Ends On The Top Floor

This week has been rather difficult, stressful, and frustrating at times, but we have also had many high points as well.  All in all, I see it like an elevator - going up and down all the time - but at the end of each day/week, it ends up on the top floor.
As we did our planning this week, we realized that our area really isn't progressing nearly as much as we have felt like it was, and this became very tough to take in.  As we struggled to brainstorm why things haven't been going so well forward, and how we could improve, my optimism and confidence went way down.  I tried really hard, but as we went about our day, we kept on running into very sad situations (such as an investigator of ours that might have to move south due to a loss of her job and apartment), and I found myself in a rut.  But later we went to a correlation meeting with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Kufell, and he really had some great advice and words of comfort to help me see our situation in a positive light again.  Plus, Elder Ahumada was really pulling things through that day, and if it weren't for him, we would have totally failed that day.  He and I have really gotten close and we are working SO WELL together.  It's awesome, and we are really enjoying these last fews days together.  It sad to see that he is leaving soon, and he can't stand how everyone brings it up pretty much everytime they see him.  I'm not good at goodbyes, but I guess that's just life, and I gotta get over it.
Well, Zone Conference was this last week was amazing and I loved it a ton.  I really felt like I'm a part of this mission now and that I can connect with all the other missionaries here.  Plus it's just so great to get so much spiritual upliftment from President Wilkey and our other leaders.  Oh and next Zone Conference is going to have a special guest...Elder C. Scott Grow!!!  I can't wait!!!
So even amidst all the stresses and difficulties of this work, we are able to persevere and press onward everyday.  I must say, it's one of the greatest things I'm learning on my mission.  I also find how much it is essential to rely on not only your own strength, but the Lord and my companion as well.  Oh and btw, Josue decided to be baptized and feels that he we be ready by the 27th!  Plus, our Ward is continuing to help us so much more every week and it is amazing how close we are to them! 
So no matter how much the elevator of missionary confidence can go up or down, it always ends up on the top floor when I decide to rely on the Lord and my companion.
From New England with love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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  1. Another baptism! That's great! Even though every day may not be stellar, you're still working to find those who are ready to hear the message you have to give--and you're finding them. Keep your chin up! Love you! Amber :>