Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Request!

Elder Carr's birthday is next week, August 24th.  Flooding his mailbox with birthday cards, letters, pictures, testimonies, notes of encouragement, ANYTHING at all will make his day!  I'm asking everyone who reads this to pick up a pen and paper and write him a letter to say "Happy Birthday!"  Let him know we're thinking of him and care for him and make his day, well, awesome
I hijacked his blog to make the request, so help me out with getting as many letters to him as possible for a great little birthday surprise!  Heck, ask anyone else who knows him to also send a letter!  His address is at the top right-hand column of this blog.  I mean, c'mon, could I make this any easier?!  I gave you the date, the idea, and the address, just find a stamp my friend!  :)
Thank you so much for reading and supporting our missionary son, brother, cousin, grandson, friend.  My love to all, Amber Dudley (Dusty's sister)

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