Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Can Make It or Break It

From a hand-typed letter received Saturday Jan 21:
   This last week was one of the most exciting, rewarding, fun, successful, diligent weeks of my whole mission!  This last week Elder Blad and I had appointments almost every day.  We were working super hard on some high, faith-filled, goals we had set before.  Everything was going so great!  I really enjoying our teaching experiences, exchanges with members and other missionaries, and a crazy district meeting in which Pres & Sister Wilkey randomly showed up.  By Saturday night we felt like a million bucks... but Sundays make it or ...
   You see, we have excellence goals for the the mission as well as something we call the Area Profile:  4 baptismal dates, 6 people at church, 10 member lessons, and 5 new investigators, with 20 or more total lessons for the week.  Now these are high, achievable goals, for the New Hampshire Mission.  Several times in my mission we have come close to to hitting this, and maybe over halfway there, but never have I been as close as Elder Blad and I had been this last week.  By the end of Saturday we only needed three more lessons and to have at least 6 investigators to church.
We had 1.5 investigators at church (one came way late), and during the day we only got one more lesson.  This was a big letdown for me.  I worked my hardest, I was on the ball every second of each day and I made sure we were busy, and oh the blessings were incredible and countless.
   I'm grateful for how the week turned out even though we didn't hit the highest of goals; I worked my hardest and I am pleased with the work I did.  I learned a lot about being productive, obedient, and diligent -- and really that's the only was to be successful!I felt like this week, more than ever on my mission, I have fulfilled my purpose in being a missionary.   Now I just gotta keep it up.  ; )
   Thanks to all who sent cards.  I got them, just have not found the time to write everyone back. 

From Lawrence with love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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