Monday, December 12, 2011

Keeping My Head Above the Water

Well, I feel like I've finally got the hang of things and now I'm just working on improving and doing my job better.  I had been feeling like I had been treading water, and that it was wearing me out, but I was reminded in a letter this last week that "even when treading water, as long as you keep your head above the water, then you aren't drowning."  This helped me so much to tread harder and faster - to keep my head above the water - to the point at which I'm not really treading so much as I am swimming!  and better yet, I'm loving it! :)
I've really been enjoying my responsibilities lately as a District Leader in getting to help all the District members and get to assist them in all ways possible.  Two of my favorite things are going on exchanges -- this gives me the perfect 1-on-1 time with any particular elder to see how I can help him - and then giving trainings during District Meetings.  In all cases, especially lately, I have found how much my communications class in BYU-I, my friends and relationships, and other experiences before my mission, along with all my experiences on my mission thus far, have truly prepared me for the tasks at hand.
So my companion, Elder Blad, is pretty awesome.  I thought that after having such a great trainer as Elder Ahumada, and then training such a great missionary as Elder Busby, that President would have me now with someone much more difficult.  I was wrong, and I have been so blessed to have another wonderful elder with whom I can share all my work, successes, trials, and miracles.  He's great at teaching and mature in his conduct.  He is very focused on the work at all times and he sets a great example for me through his dilligence and obedience.  And amidst it all, we are growing closer all the time and learning to have fun in all the work.  :)

Met the Mayor of Lawrence on PDay

This last week we had a Superblitz in Derry and it was a big success.  We had all the missionaries from our district (all 9 of us) plus our 2 Zone Leaders from Exeter, PLUS 5+ youth helping us out.  We basically split up and went all over Derry starting with an appointment, then proselyting and searching for new investigators, and then caroling.  It turned out to be a good success for the Derry area and the Sisters' teaching pool has increased a bit :)  In fact, one of the new investigators they now have is a man whom my companion, one of the young men, and I contacted while out tracting :)
Also, we have gotten TONS of referrals lately, and most of them have come from one super solid member family, and from a recent convert woman who is still just so pumped to share the gospel with others.  It's so fun having so much to look forward to all the time, and we are currently working on a big activity/lesson for all of our referrals and any other people that members invite.  We're finding that it's quite easy here to have a quantity of people to teach and such, but it's super difficult to find the quality ones.  So we are seeking for the balance, and praying for the guidance of the Spirit in all our doings.
Ok, I gotta run, our investigator that was supposed to meet us here at the library never came (and he doesn't have a phone for us to call) and we have a dinner appointment with Bishop and his family which we will be getting picked up for soon.
From New England with Love,
Elder Dustin Carr

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